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  1. Most recent information I have heard is that ILOX itself was hacked, this from an ILOX rep.
  2. Maybe local artists could plan a mural for the skate park, involve the kids in the design and painting of it. In my experiences with these kinds of projects, kids tend to protect their place when they feel ownership. Just my 2 pesos.
  3. Love country music? El Barco tonight at 8 is where it's happening. Git your dancing boots and hats on and come on over!
  4. THANK YOU! I will try to get to one this week! I sure appreciate this info!
  5. OOPS, apologies for posting this twice. Newbie here.
  6. Not sure I am posting in the right place, but here goes. Looking for folks who want to jam/perform country music, honky tonk, bluegrass, folk, jazz, or originals. I play fiddle, and would really like to do some playing. anybody out there? Looking for guitar players, lead vocals, banjo, mando or ?? If you don't play I would sure love to have some contacts for players. Thanks!
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