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  1. Would it not have been easier to paint it before mounting it.? A bright red would have made for a better attraction.
  2. Nobody mentioned my first place to shop, " Home Depot" Many to choose from. But if you do not like to navigate Lopez Mateo, Casa de Plomero is good.
  3. Thank you Lost ,but are you saying that the Clabe is the one the SSAN needs to direct deposit? Thanks Michael
  4. Thank you Daisy, I was just wanting to know what number to use. Any ideas, I have written FBU and am awaiting their answer Thanks Michael
  5. I am wanting to change my direct deposit from my bank in the USA to one here in Mexico. I have just opened a new account at BBVA and was given 2 numbers 1 called a No. Cuenta is only 10 numbers long ,the second is called the Clabe interbancana and is 18 numbers long. Which one would I give to Social Security for my deposits? The girl at the bank said she believes that the Cuenta number would be given to someone from outside of Mexico. Can anyone verify that? Also what is the correct process to change my deposit? Thanks Michael
  6. Try here: https://carloimportaciones.com/
  7. Thanks all, I have been trying since Tuesday using Chrome but read her and try Edge, I did and it worked 1st time. I do not understand why they would not make the website compatible with Chrome, But this is Mexico. Thanks again and good luck to all.
  8. (Edited by Mod 2, let's don't get into U.S. politics)
  9. did not the Covid 19 originate from a bat?
  10. I used them as well last year, I suggest not using him unless you want ripped leather, scratched wood and a need to have you mattress steamed cleaned. He has no type of insurance and will tell you a lie every time his mouth opens
  11. Add my vote for.... Azucena Bateman
  12. Direct deposit last week to NOB bank
  13. What the economy did for us the Mexican government takes away. I guess AMLO needs a fatter paycheck? https://www.proceso.com.mx/627208/la-burla-de-las-gasolinas
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