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    On 7/15/2021 at 5:00 PM, traderspoc said:

    it may be the same one that was sighted five years ago, by the port captain, seems to been sighted between chapala and san Juan Cosala most of the time.


    Its a shame its probably eating the lake birds


    I heard it has a taste for Americans.

  2. I posted a few days ago,  A friend needs someone for late May for a short period.  I had two responses and neither could be sent for some reason,, one was gypsychantel and the other was trustedhousesitters.  

    Can any one suggest other parties?   Thank you for your help

  3. 7 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

    Yes there are locations in San Antonio, and Ajijic.   The INSABI system will want you to go to the clinic for where you live.  If you need medical service all you do is enter with a copy of your CURP and they will ask for your address.

    As posted earlier there is no signup. INSABI service is available to anyone who does not have other government heath insurance. 

    INSABI is designed for people who do not have the ability to buy heath coverage. 

    Do you have an address for the one in SAT?

  4. 2 hours ago, WideSky said:

    It's called INSABI and it should be the same place.  Found this on a FB page for Chapala - "The new program requires no pre-registration, you will just go to your nearest former Seguro Popular building with your CURP". Clinic is on Flavio Romero de Velazco 408B in Chapala and is open until 3 p.m

    Went there today and although I couldn't remember the new name. I did mention that its under a new name and I was still sent away. Just wanting to know if anyone knows of another location in the lake Chapala area. 

  5. I get high speed results as well and my speed tests show that I have great upload however Ilox has stated that they are deliberately throttling to specific site services that they deem are bandwidth intensive. I had no problem 2 months ago and now I have found out the reason and its funny that when I look for answers online people say to just get your ISP to change your route for traffic and it gets done. Unfortunately that is not the case here with Ilox, here any complaints fall on deaf ears and if you cancel then its still a "oh well, who cares". I hope one day business protocol will be truthful and not be deceitful in their tactics to get your pesos. 

  6. I will make it clear that Ilox told me on the phone that they are throttling my upload connection to services that are bandwidth intensive. When I signed up I had asked if their service was unlimited and I was told it was unlimited. So they have lied to me and I am extremely unhappy that another fraudulent business practice has evolved in the village. I spent months thinking that maybe it was something in my settings and I lost a lot of time and sanity emailing support back and forth all to be fed lies with them fully knowing that they were throttling my upload. I wish there was other ISP's that could compete with Ilox but unfortunately most companies that offer high speed internet see the lakeside as a waste of time and money. On a side note to show that they wanted to resolve my issue they said that if I don't want to have my upload speed throttled they advised me to sign up for TelMex (another joke of a company).

  7. For the last two months I endured nothing but problems with them. I have sent countless emails all to be told to check my devices and that my network is "observed correctly" I am a Twitch streamer and after 1.5 hours today with a service technician here and one on the phone I have now been told that Ilox doesn't support live streaming to platforms such as Twitch. It was working before and now they have just cut off the ability for me to do my live streaming. My live stream is my only source of income and now I cannot do it all thanks to Ilox and their crap business etiquette.

  8. 3 minutes ago, tkessler said:

    Give them a day or so to verify the modem.  Thats certainly what they´re doing. 

    Well when it was installed they told me it would take roughly an hour. I am pretty sure Monday- Wednesday is more than an hour. ( I would google that but I don't have internet)

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  9. 4 minutes ago, tkessler said:

    Did you write the noc@mail.ilox.mx and describe the problem?  That is the preferred customer service path.  If they installed the modem on Monday and verfified service, the ball is probably in your court.   

    I was in a conversation with noc earlier today they asked for my s/n several times I gave them it several times and then just silence on their end. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, tkessler said:

    A contract with your ISP has rights and obligations for both sides.  But you wouldn´t think that from many of the posts in this thread.  If your service isn´t working to your satisfaction,  there's an even or better chance the issue is on your side..  I´ve seen mis-adressed emails, nonpayment, language problems, slow computers and ports, old drivers..It goes on and on. Minimal behavior would be to show some patience and courtesy  until the cause of the problem can be determined.  The modem is the demarcation point.  All ISP´s have a verification process to remotely enter the modem and `perform a check.   If the modem passes verification, the ISP is much more limited on what they can do to help.   

    Yet ISP´s receive dozens of calls every day from customers who simply say my service isn´t working and throw the problem to them.  The ISP have to deal with it best they can.  The reality is, if your service passes verification,  the problem is likely on your side.  In  rare cases, the modem can pass verification and still have an issue, resolved by swapping out. 

    Some customers take this to the extreme.  If the ISP concludes the customer won´t be satisfied under any reasonable circumstance, as a last resort they´ll terminate the contract and refund the money.  Stores do that too, at least reputable ones.   There is no breach of contract.  They´re honoring the contract. 







    I just had ilox installed on Monday and I haven't even been able to use it nor can I get any help from customer service. 

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