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  1. No need to try as I do not see any reason to go there anymore as I have the documents I need. I am not a business and not employed by anyone.
  2. She apparently did not as she is not doing her own CSF. If one were required she would request it. All she asked of me was my rfc and an id, another person gave the rfc and curp. You are making too big a deal of this. Just go and get it, and then you are done.
  3. All she is doing is going on the official government site and inputting your rfc and a few other things and printing out the document. She is only printing out your CSF, that is all. The same as if she prints out anything else on the web, such as a copy of your curp or driver's license or anything else which needs printing. No big deal, as I said, you can do it yourself, which I would have done if my printer was working.
  4. This is the government site, if you are getting rfc, etc from anywhere else, they are not valid. You can do this at home for free, not a problem. As long as you have the RFC and then the Constancia de Situacion Fiscal you are good to go.
  5. Yes, it is an official paper titled Constancia Situation Fiscal which the Mexicans are also getting printed by her.
  6. Absolutely valid. She is printing out, what you can actually print out yourself, the Costancia from the government website. She inputs your rfc which is verified to be valid and then goes on to enter any other info required. She is charging for a print out of your Constancia and not any lawyer fees.
  7. I would go to Intercam and speak with Marta, she is knowledgeable and helpful. I am sure she can answer all your questions. I need to pay my rent at Bancomer and it can be a PIA as it is right by the plaza. I won't deal with HSBC and just closed out my account with Multiva. It can be a problem alright.
  8. Check with the consulate as to "safe" areas and those which they recommend to avoid. There is much violence in Michoacan at the moment and the consulate advised staying 15 miles from that border. As to the Yucatan, nice but subject to hurricanes as both coasts are. Merida and Querétaro are cities which you have stated are not something you care for. There is much research for you yet. I agree with many that Chapala might be just the place for you to start and get your feet wet here. There is a large park there where the kids can run and play and not so many of us old foreigners. BTW, Mexicans love children.
  9. Call the bomberos to report a fire.
  10. It is on the corner of Ramon Corona and Privada Ramon Corona in SAT. A friend went in the morning yesterday and got both hers and her friends within half an hour. The website was not as busy then as it was when I went later in the morning. The woman there is very pleasant and helpful.
  11. OK, the form she got was all filled out, she had gone to the gov't website and input my RFC and then gave whatever info required. It took some time to finish, I assume due to high traffic on the site. It took a few hours actually. She called me when it was finished and I picked up the completed form. I still do not have an RFC card as it was done so many years ago but the QR code is on the form.
  12. ???? What is it on and what kind of paper does it need to be on? I went to the local papeleria today and she got the Constancia de Situacion Fiscal and printed it for me. $100.00 MXN. There is a sign there listing that, so the Mexican community is going in there to get it also. She told me I do not need the Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal. If someone asks me for one I can get it then, I have the most important one I guess.
  13. So, both incoming and outgoing calls work? I would like to use it for my bank, to call 800 #s.
  14. One is a tax ID: It is a document that the Mexican government provides to each person who is a taxpayer. It is also known as CIF by its acronym (Fiscal Identification Card). Thus, the CIF is issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. the Constancia de Situacion Fiscal is: The proof of the tax situation is a document that appears as a tax identification of a natural or legal person. In this document, you can find the tax address, the full name of the taxpayer, their CURP and their tax regimen.
  15. It can be done online, not easily unless one is computer savvy.
  16. As stated, I have my RFC and have had it over 10 years. I do not have the official card and QR code, perhaps do not need it but wish to have it for my records. Although the electric is in my name, I do not expect to take it to CFE, if the want or need it, they can ask for it. When I asked at my bank I was told they did not need it. So, I just need to find out how to get the card and QR code. Thanks,
  17. I have an RFC but never received a card or the qr code. Does anyone know how I can obtain these? After talking to my neighbor I found she does not have these either. We both got the RFCs years ago, I guess before the gov gave these out. Thanks
  18. The one next to Coke has resumed, very slowly, to build again. They had lost their permit and returned deposits made on their condos. The Radisson has had to start paying their buyers interest as they have not finished on time. The loud parties are not at the marina but at an evento place not too far to the east of the marina and Real de Chapala.They usually have fireworks included with the loud music.
  19. I don't believe they will be overwhelmed as most Mexicans over the age of 18 already have their RFC and many expats already have one. It is only the ones who are probably here less than 10 years. Many who I have discussed this with have their RFC, it is the last form that most do not have. (Including me). While I never actually applied for one, when I went on the gov't site where it can be checked, it was verified that I have one. It is on bank statements already years ago and is valid.
  20. I have also posted this on FB, hopefully it will bring success.
  21. Tax reform requires expats to obtain taxpayer registration by July 1 https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/tax-reform-requires-expat-taxpayer-registration/
  22. I read that many of the people found dead of dehydration in Death Valley actually have canteens with plenty of water with them. As they do not feel thirsty, they do not drink. I was told by a Doctor to sip water and not to drink a glass of water, the body doesn't absorb it then and passes it out pretty quickly. If your urine is yellow you are dehydrated.
  23. Actually, perhaps only one got shot, three were eventually arrested. It was a shoot out, they went there looking for a kidnapped minor. I thought maybe the little girl who is missing, however none was found as far as I know. The 13 year old girl is still missing. The shootout occurred near the Tech school. There were articles about it in both Voz de la Ribera and Semanaria Laguna.
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