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  1. All shelters are full with hundreds of dogs.
  2. I have never heard it pronounced that way.
  3. Actually, many let their dogs out during the day and the dogs return to their home in the evening and then guard their property. I do not know if you are familiar with the dogs outside the butcher by the Ajijic plaza every morning. These are not homeless or strays, they just go down there for their morning snack. When I lived in upper Ajijic I recognized many which lived in my barrio. Some were pretty chubby, lol.
  4. San Antonio has dirt not sand in the water.
  5. I have a friend at Mi Casita and they do a good job there. Check it out. In San Antonio down from Ishop, Mama's and next door to Letty's.
  6. Thanks but they have been out for weeks as have SL, GG and Pancho.
  7. Has anyone seen Presidents salted butter lately? All I can find is either the unsalted or the large roll and do not want that. Thanks.
  8. I do not believe the virus will ever be "over", we will have it with us always. However, the pandemic is over, the virus will never be 100% gone. People will still get sick just as they do with the cold and flu. Probably will need to get a virus shot every year just as with the flu.
  9. Anything going on at any of the Mexican restaurants for Mardi Gras? I have two coming in from the States and would like to take them for Mexican food and any Mardi Gras entertainment, if any. Do not wish to go to Chapala. TIA
  10. Anything going on at any of the Mexican restaurants for Mardi Gras? I have two coming in from the States and would like to take them for Mexican food and any Mardi Gras entertainment, if any. Do not wish to go to Chapala. TIA
  11. The golf carts do not need to keep up with traffic as the are only used on back roads. The golf carts are safer for the people on the street as well as the driver and passengers who, as noted, may be 9 or 10 years old. I see these little kids driving, mainly Quads, with a whole bunch of other little kids hanging on as passengers. This is not prejudice, I do not own either one. YOU do not see them as you are on the main drag. Just because YOU do not see them does not mean they do not exist.
  12. I see them every single day, more on Wednesdays. Safer than a quad, especially when the young folks, (from 9 years on), are driving. They do not go on the carretera so no chance of them clogging traffic. Of course, another small car will as will a quad.
  13. The sad face was a reaction to your dog suffering with those sores. I am also sorry that you lost her, I know how painful the loss of a pet is. If this is offensive, I do not know. Should I have had a happy face?
  14. I do not understand, I thought emissions testing was for Jalisco plated cars. I have a friend with a Mexican state plated car, plate does not have the last digit 7. She has an appointment in Guadalajara for the emissions test. Does she run the risk of having it impounded as plate is from Mexico city? Can anyone get the test even if their plate does not end in a 7? Mine doesn't but I am thinking of getting the test done already also. d
  15. I also have many dogs and cats and do not use anything at all on them. I do not like to use all these chemicals on them if not necessary. If one should get fleas then that one will get a bath with Dove dish washing detergent. I will remove ticks by hand. Many years ago I had ticks here, had the yard sprayed and ended the problem. A friend in Riberas also had many dogs and did not use anything on them as they did not have any parasites. Saves much money and is better for the health of the animals.
  16. When is Trudeau going to try civil discourse with the truckers?
  17. Thanks all. Today the phone was answered and I was able to make an appointment. I told the woman that it is posted as temporarily closed. I think she is doing something to change it.
  18. I would like to make an appointment with her. I have tried both telephone #s to no avail, so I looked her up online. It states on the page which comes up that the office is "temporarily closed". Does anyone know what is going on? Should I wait or should I look for another Doctor?
  19. Went to Costco today, three registers open long lines and waits. Many items not available.
  20. I believe lonche refers more to sandwiches, tacos, etc, rather than dinners which is what is offered at this restaurant.
  21. Sour Cream? Pancho's has the small container but I am looking for the regular size. Can't find it anywhere.
  22. That has been the case all along with HSBC US, one of the reasons I liked using them.
  23. https://www.about.us.hsbc.com/news-and-media/hsbc-exits-us-mass-market-retail-banking As I do not have accounts of more than 75k, I have been notified my accounts will now be with Citizens Bank. Now I need to make calls to SSA and others but do not have any info yet. What a headache this may be!
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