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  1. You forgot an important option, get out there and clean it up. Everyone likes to brag about how little taxes they pay but then expect wonders from that small amount.
  2. This was not trash from garbage trucks or dogs, this is the stuff people throw on the ground. I can go out just about every day and pick up trash which humans tossed on the ground the previous evening. Beer cans, Styrofoam dishes and the like. Also, the truck cannot go along the malecon, you are thinking Ajijic. There is not much in SAT, at least where I was walking, that gets scattered by dogs. The people normally do not put garbage out until 7:30 in the AM or thereabouts. Yes pick-up hasn't been that good as of late, usually every other day. The crew were not from the garbage company, I think they were hired by the town. The garbage at the malecon and on the beach is from humans not using the trash cans.
  3. They were not collecting garbage, they were on foot cleaning up the streets and Malecon. Picking up pieces of trash as they walked along, not collecting bags of garbage. I saw about 15 people doing this, on the beach as well. I think Ajijicbound is correct, they don't want the Virgin to see dirty streets, malecon or beach.
  4. Then the clean up should be on Monday, LOL. I believe they do walk her around SAT also. I do not know if they take her down to the malecon.
  5. I have been calling the same number I have called for the last 15 years, 376-766-0790. I have also called the above # with no success and 376-766-0538, 332-010-1010. I finally drove to the gas place across from el Torito and asked the man for his help. He called a driver and that man is expected here between 8 and 9 in the morning. Thanks for everyone's help.
  6. Another question, does anyone know why there are crews going down the streets of SAT and on its' malecon picking up trash? Is some VIP expected?
  7. Anyone know what is going on with them? I have been trying to call since 9 am and I get a message but cannot leave one.
  8. https://www.lavozdelaribera.mx/vinculan-a-proceso-a-dos-senalados-por-un-fraude-de-224-mdp-en-chapala/?fbclid=IwAR1oe8UlCez_gHyGjsiMjpbNM5QOtHKWHmCG3HPaLFl-M7rP0C2r2MCDDEs
  9. Thanks for the info. My cat would only eat Pate in the past but has developed a taste for filets in sauce. It has been a help to me as finding Pate has become difficult.
  10. Omar was arrested for fraud, allegedly only foreign residents were targeted by him. $ 200 million pesos so far.
  11. Does anyone know where I can bring them? I uses to take them to the store by Sunrise Restaurant but they are no longer there. I would also like to know where to take old electronics, laptops and the like. Thanks for your help.
  12. OK, I do not shop for cat food at ML, I go to Walmart, Sorianna, iSuperLake, (which still has a few cans), FOA. Only pouches available. FOA went to Guadalajara to the main distributors there and was told they are only making pouches and not cans. They said they would start again the middle of May or June. This has not happened. I did stock up awhile ago when I found out this was happening, so my cat is good to go for now. I am thinking one can only buy food by the case at ML and then only one flavor, is that correct?
  13. The problem is cat food no longer is available in cans, only in pouches. Dog food is slowly being affected also. It may be due to a shortage of the metal to make them, not known. The pouches can be very expensive if your animal eats much at a time or you have multiple pets. I only have one cat and she normally takes a day or two to eat a whole can although since the shortage she seems to want more at a time.
  14. That was also on Federal land and they had been warned many times before the Feds went in with heavy machines. Lety saved much rent money by being there for years. BTW, Lety was one of the Paz sisters and ran that restaurant with the help of her son. When she moved to the US her son, Manuel, took over the management of the restaurant. He is the one who passed away a few years ago.
  15. Yes, it is at the old Vicki's Hideaway.
  16. new restaurant in w ajijic. I have not been able to find a website telepone # or FB page for it. Does anyone have any info, TIA. IA
  17. Asking for a friend, her mother died and left her the car. Now she is moving back north and needs to sell the car which is still in her mother's name. Does the registration have to be changed to her name or can she sell it with her mother's name on it. If not, what does she need to do to put the car in her name?
  18. I believe the lines have already been strung, at least in this area. It is just a matter of connecting each house. I am just wondering when they will be finished in Ajijic.
  19. It is about Serenata on the west side of Ajijic, read what is being written. "Seeking alternate place on west side, especially with Fiestas P in full swing in SAT (no parking access to Mario's 😢)."
  20. I understand Telmex has been connecting the Fiber optics to the homes in Ajijic and also Chapala Haciendas. Does anyone have any knowledge as to where they will be next? Thanks. Oh, I forgot, and also installing new modems.
  21. Actually, this was reported by someone who was at SAT to get RFC with her husband and she was the last one they did that with, her husband did not have to have picture taken, etc as the notice had just come down that foreigners no longer needed it. Of course, if one has a business that would be a different situation. I don't care, I have my documents and did not need a picture, signature, etc.
  22. It was reported by someone who was at SAT in Guadalajara that pictures, signatures, fingerprints, etc are no longer required from foreigners. The reason for these is many Mexicans have the same exact names so that was all needed to ID one from another. What I got from the papeleria is an official document with all that is needed, the RFC, QR code, etc. If you wish to make your life more stressful, go to Guadalajara. Less talk more action is needed by those who have their RFC already. Only those without an official RFC need to go to SAT.
  23. Correct, if it is not .gob.mx it is not official. I got my ID with the Constancia, it is in the upper left hand corner of the document along with QR. I skipped step 2, was told it is not necessary.The reason for pics and retina scans, etc. is many Mexicans have the same exact name. It has nothing to do with expats.
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