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  1. This is a very steep hill, try going down in neutral and see how quickly you speed up. It is why so many accidents occur at the end. If you think the topes will slow down a truck think again, they wont even stop your car.
  2. Very pricey, for example, a case of Coke over $100 pesos more than at Hola Market.
  3. Years ago I was told if you provide all the tools etc you are the employer. If the person comes with all their tools, cleaning products etc, they are a service.
  4. What phone # should be used to report an abandoned, possibly stolen, vehicle and have the police tow it away? Thanks
  5. What phone # should be used to report an abandoned, possibly stolen, vehicle and have the police tow it away? Thanks
  6. Gloria and another young woman, Anna, have opened a new salon. Address is carretera chapala-jocotepec poniente 52A, across from wines america ajijic. phone number 3329709584
  7. Yes, I agree. In the more than 15 years here the only time we had any real problems was when the cartels were fighting over this area. Many kidnappings, beheadings, etc, I also do not go out late that often either which started when I experienced night blindness. This was resolved when my cataracts were removed. By that time Covid had arrived and now I am used to being in at night. The National Guard was not brought in to stop crime but the Cartels. The increase in violence across the lake caused Jalisco to send in the Guard and the Military. While Jocotepec is on both sides of the lake,and is in close vicinity of the municipalities and town which are in trouble. In addition, Joco lies on the drug route to Guadalajara. "Tonala and Puerto de Hierro are not on the other side of the lake and neither is La Barca area.. There is so much stuff going on that one loses tract if it is not happening in Chapala" "Tonala and Puerto de Hierro as well as La Barca are not lakeside at alll. The subject was the National Guard on local streets and not in Jalisco generally.
  8. All the bad stuff seems to be on the other side of the lake. The only bad stuff here is crime, not cartels battling and killing one another.
  9. They were on foot on the plaza and adjoining street.
  10. On the SAT plaza, anyone know what is going on?
  11. Oh no. I need her also. I hope someone has the info soon and posts it here.
  12. Looking for contact info for Ron Young, mechanic in Chapala. TIA
  13. Tony gave the restaurant to his daughter who did very well with it. Then her obnoxious and arrogant husband who has illusions of grandeur started taking over and that is when it started to go down the tubes. Once she was pregnant with the second child she seemed to be out of the picture. He has been aggressive towards some of the customers, verbally and almost physically attacked a woman walking by. Many will not go there any longer due to him. He definitely is in the wrong business, Tony wouldn't recognize anything about the great restaurant he created.
  14. If you do not have 4G service it is no good, I was interested in changing to TelCel and found I cannot have it here as I have 3G at times and 4G at others. So that is something you have to check before buying a modem and signing up for TelCel.
  15. They needed the pomegranates, in the days when this was created one could only get them in season.
  16. Pomegranates are now in season, nothing to do with the poblanos.
  17. Los Compadres, a new Seafood/Sushi restaurant is located on the second floor of the Cocktail Bar
  18. I bought some last year at SuperLake and a few weeks ago at Gourmet Garage.
  19. Not viable everywhere need constant 4 G. No good where I am, 3G then 4G, back to 3 G. Check you cell phone..
  20. As the OP stated, this is a NEW procedure. Change is constant here.
  21. for dog groomer Joel in W Ajijic. He is located across the carretera from the Tuesday market. I have 2 #s neither one works. TIA
  22. She wrote that,"They range in age from about 2 & 4 months to just a little over a year old."
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