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  1. I was in the "dollar" or Regalo store across from the Ajijic plaza the other day. I asked the young woman there about it and she told me it is no longer being made.
  2. The parents are using their children to get what they want. The people from south of Mexico should have requested asylum in the first country they entered and not crossed an entire country to get to the USA. This sad situation is of their making, not the US's. They are being treated much better than they would in other countries. They chose to do this, they were not forced to leave their homeland. They were not forced to travel all across Mexico to another border. The majority are not fleeing a war torn country or abuse, they just want to get more things.
  3. I always say it starts around my mother's birthday, which is tomorrow. The forecast for tomorrow is rain in the afternoon and night. I always understood we need three gully washers for the rainy season to be officially started.
  4. It appears that since Pancho is gone they are no longer baking. I really liked the La Brea bread when they still had it.
  5. https://www.accuweather.com/en/hurricane/east-pacific/satellite
  6. I have never had a problem teaching a rescue the cat was not an enemy. Usually when a new dog comes in it ignores the cat as it has too many other things to adjust to. By the time it is feeling more at home it is used to the cat. There have been times I have had to admonish a new dog and say no when it gets overly intrigued by the cat, but have never had a chase through the house. Introduce them slowly if necessary and have the dog on a leash. It will work out.
  7. Pancho is getting frozen batter from France which he defrosts and then bakes. I am told the Croissants are better, (and cheaper), than the French bakery on Independencia. I have had one and they are delicious, next I will try some of his bread.
  8. He does, President I believe it is called. WM has the Lurpak in stock.
  9. I just had my house fumigated by Rosa Maria Volante who is back in business lakeside. I have had her in the past and can recommend her. She is the lady who used to have a store on the libramiento across from the Pemex station. She and her employee do an efficient and clean job. I have always been happy with her service. Her cell # is 331-282-7510.
  10. I lived in an attached house in Ajijic. While we saw the occasional scorpion, our neighbor had them all the time. One does not have to be in a rural area to have them, just on a centuries old "trail".
  11. When does one have to start the application for Permanente? I seem to remember it needs to be started a month before the temporal expires, is this correct? Thanks.
  12. Did he also do all the cosmetic work on the walls? I am concerned with the need/cost for a 220 line. I know it depends on which unit one buys, but would like to keep costs down wherever possible. Thanks.
  13. Did you get the 110/115 or the 220 electric? Who did you buy from as I am interested in doing the same. I only want to cool one room, so I guess I do not need a big unit. Thanks for your help.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_Market_(US_grocery_store_chain)
  15. i do not believe the tax is based on what the product is made of, but its' value.
  16. On the back roads most of us drive at 20 mi/hr, while it has been stated the fastest the gold carts go is 15. All this about a 5 mph difference? All this drama about something none of us has any say over. It is the government who wishes to crack down, not fellow expats. Chill, people, this too will pass.
  17. The golf carts driven by seniors are not as bad as the ATVs raced by 8, 10 and older children through the streets of La Floresta and San Antonio each week end. I have seen them with a little girl driving with 5 or 6 passengers. I just saw a motor scooter with what appeared to be a 10 yr old driving with 3 of his friends. Surely it is more important to stop these unlicensed unregistered and uninsured children who are a danger to themselves and anyone walking or driving, Of course then there are the "adults" who are flying over the back streets as well who are also a danger to themselves and anyone sharing the same space. Drinking does go along with all this fun. I have seen them on mud and damp lawns spinning around, leaving the mess for the residents to clean up on Monday. I am very glad I did not invest in a golf cart however as I guess they will now be useless. I do know some for whom it is the only means of transportation. I have never seen an accident involving one, so do not know how much danger is involved when they are driving on side streets. I think the person unable to park in a large space is not common, but sad.
  18. It is very possible you have dognapped someone's pet, Mexicans allow their dogs to run free. They let them out in the AM and bring them in in the PM. She is in good shape and apparently has a collar, you should bring her back where you found her, she is not a street dog.
  19. Did you report it as instructed in an earlier post? Posting it here does not accomplish anything.
  20. I too used soloauto and have been very happy with the car I bought. It took me over 3 months to find it, but I was in no hurry.
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