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  1. Haven't found similar sponges. What fancy designs, I only know them in solid colors.
  2. Superlake used to carry these but when I went to get some more they did not have any. I also looked in Walmart. Does anyone know where else I can look for these?
  3. When it falls on a Sunday, Monday is the National Holiday, giving everyone a three day week end.
  4. I read on a thread that Ricardo was opening next door and it gave his cell #. I foolishly thought I would note it later and now cannot find it. Can anyone post it again please? TIA.
  5. Can't wait until ILOX is up and running.
  6. This is already a big tourist draw, both from NOB and Mexico. We do not need any more tourists, we are overloaded. The new restaurant on Colon is unfortunately part of a chain. I have found them to be uninspiring and do like the locally owned and operated. They usually have more to offer while not being overpriced. YMMV
  7. Not a newbie Hal, been here for quite some time and this was the first time this has happened. One will never, ever run out of places to eat down here.
  8. They have been closed for around 4 weeks or more due to, "internal adjustments", whatever that means. I too have used them and had very good experience, however my car needs maintenance. I have been waiting for them to open again but think I will have to go elsewhere.
  9. It seems to me that it is up to the gardener and not any of you to decide or act. This is an example of how mob violence starts. MYOB
  10. They were recycling here for awhile, it was one of the reasons they got to keep the truck from the state. In addition, the men on the trucks used to sort things out. I still put out the glass, plastic and cans on Tuesday and Thursday even though it is an exercise in futility.
  11. When ACA went out of business quite some years ago, Marie Pruden sold all the organic equipment to a couple who had worked there and been taught all about growing organically. They started their own little organic farm and by now it is pretty sure the ground can be considered clean of chemicals. That is if they haven't returned to using such. I forget their name, but their stand is to the right of the doors from the parking lot as you enter. I would wager they are your best bet in obtaining anything organic other than some of the meat vendors.
  12. I have used both Amazon US and Mexico. Everything has been delivered to my house by DHL. They do a great job.
  13. I am still separating the recyclables also, we have gone backwards with this rather than forward. It is a habit from over 40 years and is a shame that Mexico does not do it.
  14. Thanks jrod, I checked there today and they had them I think she will check tomorrow.
  15. My friend is looking for the buns for sliders, does anyone know where they can be purchased?
  16. They were going to start in June, then July, now it is September. Hope this is not an indication of future service.
  17. Not wanting to hijack this, however do wish to relate a similar experience. On Tuesday I called Viva Mexico and requested a reservation for four at 6 O:Clock Thursday, The person I spoke with had perfect English. When we arrived last night we found closed doors. They are closed on Thursdays are always closed on Thursday, yet the man took my reservation and repeated it back to me and it was correct. So reservations don't always count for anything. We drove all the way out there for nothing and it will be a long, long time before I go there again.
  18. Francisco's in Riberas has been closed for weeks now due to "internal Adjustments". Does anyone have any idea if they will open again or why/what is happening? It says on the sign until further notice, selfishly I need to take my car in for service and do like using them. Thanks for any info.
  19. luvsdawgs


    I understand they are part of a chain and was told everything is pretty pricey. That and the lack of parking will not be good for them I would think.
  20. The dog is in good shape, well behaved, has a collar and a home which you are denying him. Dogs in Mexico are allowed to roam by their owners, going out in the morning and going back in at night. The shelters are full of these dogs which have been "rescued" by well meaning people who end up bringing their new responsibility to a shelter. We have two dogs in our neighborhood which were taken in the last 4 - 6 weeks. One has been found and rescued, the other little female is gone. Someone probably saw her on the street without a collar and decided she needed rescuing. The Mexican owners spent time and money training her and money to spay her, which was difficult for them. The old lady is very upset and heartbroken.
  21. He probably lives in that area, take him back so he can go home. He has a collar, has a home. Most Mexicans do not read this board. Dog in our neighborhood taken by someone a few days ago, probably decided she was homeless, she wasn't. Second one taken.
  22. luvsdawgs


    Thanks all, I think she has made her decision.
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