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    Thank you, when I looked them up online it stated they were open today at 12. I guess they have new hours/days. Thanks again.
  2. luvsdawgs


    Tried calling to make reservation, no answer both times. It is 2 PM and they are supposed to open at noon. This is what I have experienced with them in the past, not open when supposed to be. It makes me believe David is in Spain. Cat's away . . . . .
  3. I have seen out of code product in almost every store I have ever been in regardless of country. After the suggested date it is not bad, just not as good tasting as when newer. It is up to the customer to check what they are buying, being it fresh produce or canned/boxed goods. That is where, "Buyer beware", falls in, whether it be food, clothing a car, house whatever. One always checks the tomatoes, no?
  4. Thanks all, as it is I did find it was someone I knew.😪
  5. luvsdawgs


    Does anyone know if David of Tabarka is in town? I heard he is in Spain. Thanks.
  6. Anyone know about the car, pedestrian accident on Wednesday near Sunrise restaurant?
  7. Or you can go to the Health Dept which gives them for free.
  8. I have a friend who just moved to the south side, she loves it already. She told me she gets better cell phone service over there, drives over here often for social engagements, etc. With Telcel now offering internet service, which has been reported to be better than Telmex or Telecable, that is no longer a problem over there either. From that area it is a straight shot up to Guadalajara and probably takes the same time or less than from the north side. It appears it is a viable a;alternative to this area, cheaper too. She tells me the view of the north side at night with all its' lights is outstanding.
  9. Not true, I have a few friends who have rented with no problems, all over 70.
  10. He will be adding pet food and supplies as well as cleaning items in the near future.
  11. You can buy them at Pancho's, Walmart and SuperLake.
  12. Thank you for being so kind and generous for this little guy. You improved his situation here and gave him love.
  13. Is cholesterol considered a pre-existing chronic illness?
  14. http://context.reverso.net/translation/spanish-english/chocaste
  15. The hospital on the libremiento will be across from El Dorado.
  16. This is a computerized test and the $400 is only if you do pass. It is not a bribe it is state mandated. My friend just went the other day, did not pass, received the computer print out and was told what needed to be done. The car was taken to the place for a new catalytic converter, it was repaired and then the car was taken back and passed the test. The sticker was applied and paperwork given, $ 400 paid. End of story, no big deal.
  17. I read on a thread that Ricardo was opening next door and it gave his cell #. I foolishly thought I would note it later and now cannot find it. Can anyone post it again please? TIA.
  18. I have used both Amazon US and Mexico. Everything has been delivered to my house by DHL. They do a great job.
  19. Francisco's in Riberas has been closed for weeks now due to "internal Adjustments". Does anyone have any idea if they will open again or why/what is happening? It says on the sign until further notice, selfishly I need to take my car in for service and do like using them. Thanks for any info.
  20. luvsdawgs


    I understand they are part of a chain and was told everything is pretty pricey. That and the lack of parking will not be good for them I would think.
  21. I looked at the details of one of their packages, I may have it wrong but I think in order to have Wi-Fi one has to buy another box for 700 some odd pesos. Telecable, (Izzy), is mainly a television provider whereas Ilox is basically a telephone and internet provider. Being that businesses are their main clients I would think they have better experience in providing the service. Time will tell. They had a big sign up yesterday in Ajijic.
  22. I also saw them going west on Zaragosa in Ajijic yesterday.
  23. I saw them running that cable down Ramon Corona in SAT going toward La Floresta two days ago.
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