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  1. No, two different companies. Many markets carry some Costco items however and hang a sign outside. Fresh Market has two locations, one next to Hola market west Ajijic and one in SAT.
  2. That is already a through road, I have used it before. The problem is it is part of the arroyo and has badly washed out in the past. It comes out on the south side of El Dorado across from the medical center. There is an "underpass" for the water from the arroyo to go through on its' way down to the lake. I noticed the new sidewalk which was put in between Laguna mall and the gas station and I think that is the property which is going for $3,200,000.00. The property after Charlotte's is also quite big and borders on the arroyo/road by el Dorado and it may be the one for sale, don't know. https://www.google.com/maps/@20.3001643,-103.2411636,651m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu
  3. I have an LG washer which was repaired by a local repairman. It did need a part which he got and installed.
  4. I just go to the machine by Telmex office and pay both at the same time. in and out very quickly anytime day or night.
  5. Mario's Ajijic is the restaurant located there. The quality and consistency which has been a trait of Mario's San Antonio is continued at this new place. One of their specialties in Ajijic is the lamb shank which is absolutely delicious and one cannot go wrong when ordering their filet mignon. Something different at this location is the bar which is stocked with all high shelf alcohol. The staff are friendly and efficient, there is a lovely ambiance and the whole dining experience is good. I have not seen a bad review since they opened and never have seen anything but good reviews on Mario's San Antonio.
  6. "The Spanish language exam is easier. You’ll be shown some pictures and asked to write a description of each in Spanish. You’ll then read a paragraph in Spanish and answer some questions about its content."
  7. All of your posts have the same problem, that is, you apparently believe it is up to you to demand others do as you say. Nobody cares if there are some mistakes, and nobody is criticizing others posts but you. We all were able to understand the message made, you felt the need to ridicule and judge. Says much about you.
  8. Highlight the name, right click and then click on "Search Google for the name" and it will bring info up. Easy peasy.
  9. Thanks so much for everyone's input.😊
  10. Not looking for listings, looking for recommendations.
  11. luvsdawgs

    M&J pizza

    The owner, Marco, hired the professional chef who is not the owner.
  12. Oh, I thought it would have a Spanish name.
  13. What do I look for in the market when I have a recipe which calls for half and half? TIA
  14. I have some old laptops, notebooks, kindles which I would like to dispose of. Barbara's Bazaar used to take them and used batteries, do they still accept these? If not, where can I take these items? Anybody know?
  15. People will want to know if they get along with other animals or will need to be the only ones in the house. I wish I knew someone for them or was able to take them in myself. Please post in Lakeside Advocate for Animals on Facebook, more people will see it there. I wish you and them the best.
  16. San Antonio currently celebrating their Patron Saint, San Antonio.
  17. licence. what are the steps needed?
  18. Very nice but the request was for recommendations, thanks.
  19. I have gotten 20,000 from the HSBC atm across from Walmart and 30,000 from the CI bank atm in the plaza in the past.
  20. System in from Pacific over all of Jalisco, it was forecast on Thursday for the entire weekend. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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