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  1. You can always just have the driver set the package just inside your gate and keep the 6ft distance. I believe you would need to call Amazon MX and have the name of the driver.
  2. Yes, but only with a VPN. I use ExpressVPN.
  3. I live across the street from Panino’s in San Antonio and so far lights came on this am.
  4. You can opt to pay at Oxxo. I did and it worked.
  5. So is the health care in the rest of the world!
  6. I have Express VPN and use it for Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. You do have to change the location in the app. I did have the location set up to New Jersey 3 and it stopped working so now I use Washington DC and that works now. Have you tried using different locations in the app?
  7. I was at Chapala Med on Wednesday and one of the staff told me it would open in June.
  8. Be sure you check on the cost of duty. It could be as much as the phone...
  9. I use Express VPN, which works for Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. I set my location for New Jersey or Washington DC. I have the VPN loaded on my Fire TV, a product of Amazon. https://www.expressrefer.com/refer-a-friend/30-days-free?utm_campaign=refer_friends&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_content=settings_get30daysfree&utm_source=ios_app&referrer_id=15252148
  10. I went yesterday and talked to the insurance lady at the hospital. You can ask at the information desk to speak with her. She gave me a very short form to fill out and bring back to her along with my Aetna Advantage Plus card and picture ID. She will then check and see what benefits and services are allowed here. I signed up with Aetna Advantage Plus using my Laredo Handy Mail address. This plan is good to use anywhere in the USA that accepts Aetna and is a PPO plan.
  11. I make my own, add a little water and cinnamon and no sugar needed. I put it in small jars and freeze it. The best!
  12. I am also interested and would like to hear from people who have actually had one reupholstered here and if they were happy with the person that did it?? Marlene
  13. I have had Agugente for a couple of years and have been very happy. The pump on my unit went out and they were here right away and replaced it, no cost.
  14. Guess what I had a difference experience. I have Telmex now but finally took in my modem as it had not been working for a week. He said it would take 72 hour but the guy was at my house in a few hours. The guy said I’ll give you a new modem and you will get Fiberoptic. So it works. In the store the guy showed me a printed form for the new speeds. 10 was 399.00 and it went up to 50. He said if I didn’t want to pay more I could just get the 10mbs. No one ever said I had to take to the 50mbps.
  15. I was told by someone that fixes silitre that nothing will fix it. It will keep coming back. Anybody have silitre repair last for more then a couple of years?
  16. Find a Travel Buddy on Facebook. It is a Bill Bell Facebook page. I found one to follow down in my motorhome. It took a lot of the stress off.
  17. I have used Express VPN for over a year and it works great. Express VPN told me to set my location to New Jersey 3 and that has worked. I can watch Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc. https://www.expressrefer.com/refer-a-friend/30-days-free?utm_campaign=refer_friends&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_content=settings_get30daysfree&utm_source=ios_app&referrer_id=15252148
  18. Steren across from Walmart will take them.
  19. There is a setting on your TV to change to English. Maybe someone else can help. I remember I had to change this setting for Telecable. Maybe it is like SAP???
  20. I have echo dots and use to whole house music. It streams from WiFi. You can also ask all sorts of questions and get answers off the internet.
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