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  1. Experienced pet sitter, pretty flexible, live in Ajijic.

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  2. @bennie2 - Thanks for the advice. I only responded because I was half asleep and caught completely off-guard. Well, that and he absolutely would not stop shouting and ringing my doorbell, and my dogs were going nuts. I would like to know, if you're aware, of what local or regional Bonafont distributorship he operates out of. I really want someone in charge to sit this reject down and read him the riot act (or whatever else will discourage him from EVER trying this again). Anyway, thanks again, and I'd really be grateful any specific info you have on contacting Bonafont locally.
  3. I just received an unsolicited visit from a Bonafont water truck in lower La Floresta. He stood outside my front door and shouted repeatedly at the top his lungs. I am on medication that is severely debilitating and was trying to sleep. After he rang my doorbell three times and kept shouting, I responded "Vete!", but he continued to keep shouting "Hola! Agua!" I finally opened the door, told him no once again, added that I was sick and that he was an :() (en Espanol). He replied, "F*** you" (possibly the only English words he knows) and finally went away. Does anyone know where I can register a complaint against this relentless bastard who clearly has no regard at all for a residential neighborhood where people may not want his product whenever he comes calling? I understand that unwanted solicitation is a part of life in Ajijic, but when they absolutely refuse to take 'no' for an answer, it almost makes me want to react violently. Any advice as to a reasonable alternative would be most welcome.
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