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  1. Call Scott ---- TAXS IN MEXICO Mexico---331-765-5273 USA---720-226-0561 His office is in Riberas.
  2. Why doesn't Jalisco and other states affected the man made gas crisis start the odd and even license numbers to get in line? It worked pretty well in the US in the 70s. The other problem is, I never know when or where one of the 500 new gas trucks by purchased by the Mexico government is going to arrive here in Chapala/Ajijic so I can get inline,
  3. http://But the question was WHERE. Noboby tried to help after a 8 hour post.
  4. It would appear that no one wants to talk about where. Only how, why and what. How sad.
  5. I was in Walmart some days ago and at the hot food counter and observed 2 young Mexican boys take a chicken wing each and take off. Then a old gringo looking man walked up and picked up 4 to 5 pieces of chicken breast. Checking each piece to see if it was the right size and weight that he wanted with his bare hands. There were tongs to use 15 inches or less from the chicken for this purpose. And yeah, I am confident that he washed his hands after his last bowel movement. That food counter should not be accessible to the public!
  6. I would go with a portable propane heater. That way you won't be SHOCKED when you get your CFE bill. $3300 pesos with tank, the store next to Sunrise restaurant.
  7. I will answer my own question. Cost of title change on a Chevy 2016 Trax was just under $12,000 pesos. Cost is determined by the value of the car not what you paid for it.
  8. Anyone know the cost of changing the title of a Mexican plated car?
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