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  1. Would you mind telling us where in Dallas you are getting the vaccine, and is there anyone we can call to make an appointment..
  2. The cost of adding an Ethernet port to a firestick would be negligible.. and it would make such a difference to the device
  3. Yes having high speed internet is a different ball game..
  4. What kind of adapter and where did you purchase it from to try an Ethernet cable on your firesstick ?
  5. An Ethernet cable gives you a stable signal.. If you have fiber using an Ethernet cable is not as critical as using it with low speed internet Firesticks and android boxes don’t like internet speed to bounce around.
  6. WiFi will never giver better results than an Ethernet cable. If the modem is sitting within inches of the TV you might get the same performance..
  7. You can buy the latest version on Amazon Mexico..around 1400 peso.. I would also buy an OTG Ethernet adapter so you can use an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi, Look on YouTube how to program it.. it’s not difficult Save yourself a lot of money..
  8. Rich Richie.. Your so confident these work so you will give a week free trial ?
  9. If you look on Amazon Mexico there are several models available.. I have my doubts about a 4K firestick. You need really good internet speed to stream 4K. There are better models available than the 4K. Unless you have a 4K TV and fast internet...
  10. To answer Levy’s question: If you buy an overpriced firestick from someone who will tell you it works great you will find out that it doesn’t unless you constantly work on it.. ,If you want free TV and don’t get to frustrated with it then it will work for you. if you buy from Amazon or somewhere like you will get a firesttick that’s programmed from the factory, if you want live TV that will work consistently then you will have to purchase a subscription... Again you need good internet.
  11. The apps on a modified firestick come and go.. they ,might work today or they might not.. So you then have to reload them yourself or pay someone to do it for you. The guys selling firesticks are charging double the purchase price and trying to justify it by telling you we have programmed it for you.. The programs are free if you do it yourself.. If you get a firestick you do need to know how to find the apps and load them or you will constantly paying for someone to fix it for you. And of course you need decent internet speed.
  12. Since San Antonio Hospital opened I have several friends who had treatment there, they were satisfied with the treatment they received but not with the price. The same tests and treatment would have been much cheaper in Guadalajara..
  13. There is no such thing as Canadian Health Insurance. Health insurance is provincial so it is (Province) Health Insurance. Each province sets its own rules. You don’t give up your Ontario Health Insurance,, it expires after 212 days out of Ontario. To renew you need to reside in Ontario for 155 days or pay the the required fee and your coverage starts then.. The requirements for each province can easily be checked by going to the (Province) Health Insurance website
  14. True but you can’t collect GIS if you don’t reside in Canada, I have no doubt many Canadians are here collecting CPP & OAS.. but not GIS
  15. I doubt if anyone here is collecting GIS . GIS is for people with low incomes, nothing to do with the length of time you spend in Canada.. I seriously doubt if you are collecting GIS. you can afford to live here,
  16. This is a great example about about asking questions on a Webboard. So many of the posters just don’t have a clue about what they are talking about.. I would hazard a guess that 95% or more of the Canadians here are collecting OAS which equates to thousands of Canadians every year, multiplied by years .. it would be tens of thousands if not a hundred thousand or more who have collected OAS And the government hasn’t figured it out yet...Yeah Right.. The government couldn’t care less where you are for collecting CPP & OAS.
  17. I think Walmart sells lube in the pharmacy department...😜
  18. Rubbish.!!!!!! it concerns spraying for mosquitoes.
  19. If the o ring didn’t come with a little packet of lube. I’ve always used Vaseline.
  20. I’m no expert in tax matters but there is something wrong with this story. I have been here 15yrs and collect CPP & OAS The CRA doesn’t care where you live as long as you file your income tax form..
  21. Are you sure as you claim you were here before Walmart. ? Because I was. And I’ve seen how much this town has prospered since Walmart opened its doors here. They have supplied jobs to hundreds of young people who had very little chance of finding employment at Lakeside before. There are more mom & pop stores here now than before Walmart opened. Regardless if you like Walmart or not they given a great economic boost to this area...
  22. It’s the usual paranoid expats who see a scam in everything here in Mexico.. Maybe it’s me but I couldn’t even understand her post. (1x6, 1x1 at the register ??????? Not that I really tried that hard anyway.. My self I don’t think I could ever remember the shelf price of every item and then cross reference it against the till receipt.. I wonder if they do that when the error is in their favor, Or do they just walk out say “Yeah I’ve just scammed Walmart..
  23. I would replace all the pipes.. chances are if the system is old it’s rusted out, if you fix that leak it will probably leak somewhere else, As big a job as it might be do it once and be done with it..
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