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  1. Rubbish… Check the specs on the Walmart website.. exactly the same as the Apple specs..
  2. I got them from the Scotia ATM today. (Monday)
  3. You are the one that should be sued .. You are telling lies .. she is the worst I won’t insult other attorneys by calling here an attorney.. She has cheated and scammed more people around Lakeside.. That is a good description of her “Practicing Law” and she hasn’t perfected it yet..
  4. Car City was one/is the worst garages around Lakeside. That’s why they changed the name..
  5. Last April I crossed at 6am, if I recall it didn’t get light until about 6:45.. Never saw any national guard or police presence, and never had any issues..
  6. I read the one outside Superlake.. Which I thought was to the point and gave the reasons for the negative review..
  7. It wasn’t an assassination of character, it was a detailed review of his business practices.. I thought it was a fair review listing the reason why this person was giving a negative review…
  8. It’s also a true statement. You might like to use the first one listed in the phone book, but I like to do a little research first, find out who has the most positive or negative reviews.. I think that approach has saved me a lot of headaches over the years..
  9. Many people have had issues with Bellon, I don’t use him as I’ve heard to many negative comments from friends who did use him..
  10. I printed off the email just so I had proof that I actually did it…
  11. Same here.. last July.. Although you do have to make an appointment now, you can’t just walk in and sign the book as we used to do. Its my understanding that there is a large fine if you don’t do within the time limit.
  12. Get yourself a GPS. Then you know in advance which lane to be in and how far to the next turn or exit. I use a Garmin which I think is the best one, I also have the Waze app on my phone which is good, but the trouble with using your cell phone is that sometimes it can lose the signal which is OK as long you are still following the route, but if you have deviated from that route at all without a cell signal it can’t tell you how to get get back on track. That is why I prefer using a GPS for long trips..
  13. Dr Leon said November when I asked him, but that was almost 2 months ago so things could have changed..
  14. Some people just love to be the first to spread doom and gloom in this town.
  15. BS. According to the temperature gauge on my BQ it reaches 525f ..
  16. A You may having been driving that way longer than my 15yrs. Aquascalientes and Zacatecas have never been easy.. the roads are awful the traffic is awful.. Going through Matehuala and SLP is a 10hr drive, And I know because I did it a few months ago…
  17. It may have been the truckers day to celebrate today.. From what I understand each trade has a different day to celebrate..
  18. It was a scam.. They usually pick on females. In the 15yrs I’ve been here I’ve heard of many any know a few people who have been scammed by people pulling the same trick in the parking lot at Walmart..
  19. Don’t take the Zacatecas/Aquascailentes route, the SLP route is much faster and a lot less stress .
  20. Dr Candy offers IV sedation.. she brings in an anesthesiologist from Guadalajara.. ,But I would never recommend her as a dentist..
  21. I need a new stainless steel cooking grid for my BQ, anyone know of a metal worker who uses SS and speaks a few words of English. ?
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