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  1. You still need to go to INM at the airport just like before but you don’t need to fill out the form, just show your passport and temporal or permanent card and they will stamp your passport with the exit date..
  2. The best and fastest route is San Luis Potosí, Matehuala Saltillo, Monterrey cross at Colombia, the booth to get your TIP back is very easy to find, As you drive through the complex you will see a small white building on your left, there is an area to pull off the road in front of the building, that is where you return your TIP. After you exit the US customs head north on the 225 it will take you to I-35 or you can go right on the 1472 which will take you into Laredo, as you enter Laredo there are lots of hotels right along I-35. I usually stay at the Days Inn which just about the first motel you come across.
  3. Ishops has many different size box’s..
  4. Temporary or Permanent visa. RFC Number. And I think a CURP number which will be on your visa. You need copies of all documents.. I would ask at the registration office on Degollado in Chapala
  5. Another newbie coming here trying to impress us with his wisdom..
  6. Don’t waste your money on a Firestick cube unless you want to dim the lights or ask it questions..such as “Is it snowing outside” most TVs will do a better job of upscaling than a cube. Your Firestick will not upscale anything. If you have a 4K TV and a 4K Firestick and the program you watching is 4K your picture will be 4K, if the program isn’t 4K then your picture won’t be 4K unless your TV upscales it.. The Firestick 4K and 4K Max both have voice control so can ask it to find a program and other TV related things. but It won’t dim the lights for you…
  7. I would purchase a Firestick 4K Max. It’s available on Amazon Mexico for $1599 peso shipping included. I would also purchase a Firestick Ethernet adapter, it allows you to plug an Ethernet cable into your Firestick $350 peso…They maybe be cheaper in the US. I don’t think it matters where you register it. Unless you use a VPN it will know exactly where you are. I use mine in Mexico, Canada and UK with no problems.
  8. That was the best consignment store around lakeside. I doubt if anyone even remembers the things they had there, it has to be close to 4 years since she passed away. I hope he keeps the money in memory of Terry, she was a very nice person.
  9. I live in La Floresta, there are recycling bins at the top of the street, on many occasions I have witnessed locals go through the bins taking all of the tin cans, aluminum and other metals and drive away with them.. I’m assuming to sell.
  11. The choetes (Boom Booms) are nothing like they used to be 16yrs ago, back then they were twice as many for twice as long. In my opinion they have been cut back because of the expense. Expats who want to change Mexico to a place they come from like to use the excuse “Mexican families don’t like them either” In 16 yrs I’ve never heard a local Mexican complain about them. Sure they may nod their head while listening to expats complain about the cobblestones, the loud music, the noisy celebrations, choetes and just about everything else here, but in their mind are they really thinking “Why don’t you P off back to where you came from..
  12. Another newbie wants to come here and change Mexico.. Maybe you should have done your due diligence before you moved here..
  13. Another one of these strange posts… I have rented from National on a couple of occasions, once in UK and once in Las Vegas. The only ID they would accept was my Canadian passport. In UK I had a reservation but left my passport back at the hotel, they would not rent until I went back to the hotel and came back with my passport, DL CC HC PR card, nothing was acceptable to them, only passport…
  14. It’s very easy to do yourself.. Back up your old phone to the cloud and then using the same password go to the cloud and restore to your new phone.
  15. Always found the staff there very helpful..
  16. Oh what a surprise. Your trying to deal with a company in Mexico and they speak Spanish…OMG I’m shocked..
  17. You don’t need an appointment or a user name or a password.. you just walk in with all of the required paperwork and pesos .. Unless they have changed things in the last 8 day that is, because 8 days there was no one in the place …
  18. Just go to the Recaudadora office and ask them what you require, some of the documents you need photo copies of.. Depending on the vehicle you might need a substantial amount of pesos, for sure you will need about $700 peso to pay for the license sticker which isn’t actually a sticker any more, plus pesos for the transfer fee and even more pesos for the tax…
  19. Spencer’s great at spouting off what’s legal and what’s not, but he’s not the one faced with armed guards saying you’re not leaving until you pay… I don’t know about the San Antonio hospital but in Guadalajara some of the hospitals do have armed guards to stop you leaving.
  20. If I was the lady involved I would be doing whatever I could to help Ritchie in the hope he doesn’t sue me. From what I’m hearing she was at fault, that may or may not be the case. I’m in no doubt some attorney is going to take Richie’s case against a pre conceived rich gringa.
  21. I wonder how many of the posters actually arrived or departed Mexico in the last few week. On the 14th I actually arrived in Mexico City.and the immigration person threw the top half of my form which I had since I left Mexico a few months ago in the trash and said not required anymore. She just stamped and wrote something eligible in my passport.
  22. September 14th. Arrived in Mexico City from Toronto, handed in the top half of the form that I filled in when I left Mexico a few months ago. The agent said not required anymore and threw my form in the trash bin.
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