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  1. One of the best if the best on the market for home use is the Omron Series 10. If takes 3 readings and gives you the average. It stores about 200 readings so you look back and compare, It can send the readings to an App on your table or phone that will graph your readings so you see any rise or fall in your BP over time.
  2. If you pay in US dollars to a PayPal account of a friend you have to wonder where the money is really going. As the exchange rate changes daily how would you know if $125 US is too little or to much..? I don’t use PayPal but they must charge a fee for their service, so who pays the fees..? Why not go directly to the Technical College ask for a list of students, pick one and pay in pesos, you might even be able to use your credit card.
  3. Getting into the US won’t be a problem, getting back into Mexico shouldn’t be a problem, but as with all things in Mexico just because it’s OK to day doesn’t mean it will be OK tomorrow.
  4. Land crossings seem to be very hit and miss, I know of some that have been allowed and others who haven’t,
  5. Maybe you should offer to pay more property tax.. You can’t have it both ways, pay very little in property tax and get good service...
  6. May be he has gone to Walmart to be first through the door on Saturday morning...
  7. Of course they would stay open if they could. Some people spend to much time on the computer replying to every post regardless of the subject, instead of getting out in the real world...
  8. Neighbors have just returned from Walmart and are telling me that every 15 minutes they are broadcasting in English that they will be closed from Friday evening until Monday morning. They asked an employee who told them they have been ordered by the government to close for the next two weekends.
  9. 10:30 am The young lady at the pharmacy counter in Walmart told me they have been told they will close on Friday evening until. Monday morning. At 10am Walmart was really really busy hardly a parking space left.
  10. Does anyone know of a pharmacy that has a doctor or someone there that can write a prescription for you if you need something that requires a prescription.
  11. Some posters are so cheap.. they want free advice. Asking for a restaurant recommendation is fine but to ask about such an important issue as driving your car here Is not.. Don’t be so cheap spend the money and seek legal advice, it could end up costing you a lot less.
  12. At 12:30 today Friday October 23 3020 I got 5000 peso from the Scotiabank ATM total cost was $317 Canadian or 15.77. Maybe by mistake he accepted the bank exchange rate...
  13. Dr Candy will hire an anesthesiologist for you, for me the cost was $8,000 peso. It wasn’t N.O it was a needle in the arm to sedate you. I must say it was the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had at a dentist, I didn’t even know the procedure had been done.
  14. Would an MRI done in Mexico be acceptable to your Dr in the US. ? I’ve only had blood work done and I had to have it translated by a medical translator before my Dr would accept it.
  15. I think that’s the place.. The door is black or at least it was 6 months ago. she doesn’t have a store front like Rosie.
  16. I think it might depend on how busy she is, overs the years I’ve taken several items to be altered, sometimes she does a good job but many times she doesn’t. I discovered a seamstress one street south of Rosie so I use her now, so far no complaints.
  17. I would be getting a second opinion on that, these days implants have gotten a lot smaller, and having a bone graft is no big deal.
  18. She has a large poster on the wall in her waiting room, It’s a photo of her in Korea or China proudly advertising the fact that she did a two week course on how to install implants, she uses implants made Korea.
  19. Dr Candy is great for doing cleanings.. anything else go to a real dentist...
  20. Aero Mexico has always transferred my baggage on flights Guadalajara - Mexico City - Toronto, I am flying Aero Mexico on both legs. I always do my paperwork in Guadalajara. but hand in the bottom half in on departure from Mexico CitY.
  21. Soriana has a decent selection of TV’s
  22. If you complain to the owner/manager/employee then at least you have tried to do something So many expats complain on web boards but do nothing in person to rectify the issue.. if no one talks to the business then they don’t know it’s an issue even though we think they should..
  23. What did they say when you asked to speak to the owner/manager....or did you... ?
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