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  1. If you are catching an early morning flight I would get there at least 2 hours before.. The times I have been on an early morning flight the line ups have long,
  2. Isn’t the official time 3 hours before for an international flight... ? If I was taking the flight I would be there 3 hours or more before.. There always seems to be a long line at the check in desk...
  3. Yes the discount is for Jan & Feb, but it is less in Feb, I think it’s 5% in Feb.
  4. If you wait a couple of weeks the lines ups will be shorter, or none at all. I have found if you go around 1pm quite often there is no line up..
  5. Many of the newbies here don’t understand how to find out how many liters their tank holds @ 80% and how to work out the approximate amount to fill it to 80%
  6. It’s not the gas company ripping you off, it’s the driver.... Can you tell us how they ripped you off. ?
  7. You would know because most of you post on here is BS. Secondly go to the CRA website and read up on the tax rules in Canada, specifically on the length of time you are required to keep tax records... Thirdly I only got a refund for 7 years not the 10.. that you claim.. Oh!!!! you have changed your mind on that on that now... and only got interest paid from the day my accountant filed the amended tax returns not the 10 years like you claim...
  8. Load of B.S. You can only go back 7 years..
  9. Jackie are you a control freak...? Just mind your own business.. Just worry about what you do not what others who you might want to control but can’t do.. if that’s an issue for you I’m sure you know where the airport is..
  10. Large companies like Coppel prefer plastic over cash for many reasons.. The money is in their bank account instantly..They don’t have to pay a security company to transport it to the bank. Employees can’t pilfer credit card monies. They don’t get stuck with counterfeit bills. Accounting is much easier with credit cards.. They don’t mind paying the fees, for a large company like Coppell it’s probably only 1 or 1 1/2 % maybe even less.
  11. This must be a recent thing because I have used my Canadian CC many times at Coppel, the last time was last August..
  12. Judging from the complex that I live in I would say 80% of the Canadians are or have returned. The ones are not returning seem to be the ones that usually drive.
  13. Geezzzz I never thought it could be so difficult to buy a monitor..Spend a few extra pesos and purchase from Amazon Mexico..
  14. Sadly LCS is no longer what it used to be. 15yrs ago it was a valuable resource to find information but now I think people are using FB. I would be be sad to see it close but I think it’s time...
  15. Why would you tip at a gas station. ? If they clean the windows then I would tip 10 or 20 if they do back and front
  16. If you pay in June is there not a fine for late payment. ? If you wait until February you still get a discount and usually there is only one or two people in line..
  17. It is very hard to find an honest gas guy.. I would not use Los Altoss Jose Romo every time he comes into our complex he rips people off. I buy gas by the peso amount or by the liter. ie I ask for 500 pesos or so many liters.. not sure if this the best way not to get cheated or not....
  18. I don’t think you can fly directly to Europe from Guadalajara, If you fly Aeromexico then your stop is in Mexico City, if you fly an American airline it’s somewhere in the US, usually Dallas, Houston or Atlanta
  19. What a load of BS.... Most of not all BP monitors will alert you to an abnormal reading. My Omron will beep and flash if the BP reading is dangerously high.. or if any other of the functions that it monitors is out of the normal range.
  20. If you search for Direct Deposit for individuals witha foreign bank account it tells you what you need to do.
  21. Why not go on the Canadian government website it gives all the information you need on getting your CPP and OAS paid into a foreign bank.
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