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  1. You will use the Rogers network in Canada. You can add money using the Mitelcel app.
  2. I doubt if turning them off will help. Somewhere on your system the resistance to ground is low, Its possible the insulation on a wire has been rubbing against something and is getting thin. it's not shorting to ground yet but it probably will if you don’t fix it. It’s not something you can fix yourself, You need an expert with the right equipment to troubleshoot it.
  3. They haven’t been filling small tanks there for months now.. I went in early September and they told me no.. so I tapped in the line from my big tank for my BBQ. , I was lucky because the pipe was close by, I wish I had done it years ago….
  4. The OP isn’t interested in buying a car, he/she asks all these questions about Lakeside so they can use the information in their blog about Lakeside.
  5. Several places sell them. I’ve seen nice ones at Coppel in Chapala
  6. Over the years the name has changed,. old timers know it as “The Body Shop”
  7. So what should we do, go back to TelMex being the only carrier ?
  8. The Body Shop just west of the Waffle House is the best at Lakeside.
  9. Well I guess it depends on how low your standards are. If you search here you can read how many negative reviews she has.. and we won’t mention about the stuff that went on when her unqualified brother was doing the dental work for her..
  10. Dr Candy has so many bad reviews and has been sued for her work involving implants. She used to and maybe still does have a poster on the the wall in her waiting room with her picture proclaiming “I completed a two week course in Korea on installing Implants. If you need implants the two best dentists at Lakeside are Dr Haro & Dr Barragan those are the ones you go to after you have been to Dr Candy.
  11. It’s probably a streaming service that won’t work 50% of the time.. but that you will pay for 100% of the time.
  12. Airport taxis take credit cards. I’ve been paying with a credit card for at least couple of years now.
  13. The air ambulance companies do have their own aircraft, but if its cost effective from them to put you on a commercial flight they will do. All so you have to be stable before they will transport you and pay for that…
  14. Before I spend that kind of money on a mesh system I would be trying an Ethernet cable, because if you don’t get a strong signal using an Ethernet cable a mesh system isn’t going to work well.
  15. If possible I would use an Ethernet cable between the modem and computer. Using an Ethernet cable is the best connection you can get.
  16. I think someone’s trying to baffle you with bull S&$@ there. If you took it to Autozone they would do a load test on your battery and give you a print out showing you the condition of the battery.. if it was me I would see if I could find another battery to use for a few days to see if the problem still happens.. Or take the negative wire off the battery every night. and it still happens. If the alternator was intermittently bad the battery would die when you were driving around not always after the car sits for a few hours. If the battery is good What you probably have is a partial short to ground somewhere.. if you’re at all handy and have a multi meter you can check for a short to ground. This is a very simple explanation. Disconnect the negative wire on the battery, select amps on the multi meter, you need to move the meter lead’s around for amps. connect the multi meter in series with the battery which means black lead on the negative terminal of the battery, the red lead on the wire you disconnected from them battery. Make sure everything is turned off, doors closed you should only be drawing a few milii amps out of the battery., anymore and you have something going to ground, so now start pulling fuses until the draw from the battery drops to mill amps. That will tell you which circuit it’s on so now you would need a circuit diagram to figure out the wiring.for that fuse..These kinds of grounds can be tricky to find because they aren’t big enough to blow the fuse… Or just take it to a garage..
  17. It’s difficult question to answer with any accuracy, a minimum of 2 weeks but it could be longer, They could have more applications than usual, they could be short staffed due to vacation or illness, the machine that takes your photo could be broken which isn’t unusual… or some other factor to delay the process. Its Murphy’s law, if you need it in a hurry something goes wrong, if you don’t need it you get it quickly.
  18. His clinic is in his house on the corner by the American Legion. A friend had stem cell treatment with him last April but I haven’t heard how it went.
  19. Since when did they hold your passport, ? They didn’t hold mine I got it back the next day?..
  20. Another expat myth about someone tapping into your line.. it is very difficult to do with it being seen. Don’t bother turning off the main breaker. First of all gather some information, you could start by posting do information on here. How much is your CFE bill, ? Has it just suddenly gone up ? How many in the home. ? Do you have A/C ? Do you have a fridge and a separate freezer ? check the serial number on the bill to make sure it’s the same as the meter. Start making a note of the meter readings, do it before you go to bed and in the morning, over night there should be very little usage.. After you have gathered some reference information then you can start troubleshooting.
  21. These guys are low level dealers they don’t cause any trouble, they are friendly enough.. as long as they don’t cause problems they should be left alone. Not harassed by some entitled expat who has doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on.
  22. Some people just don’t have a clue what goes on here. For the 16years that I’ve been here the corner of Aldama & Constitution has been one of the places dealers hang out.. They are not homeless they are dealers.. the van is there so they can conduct their business away from the prying eyes of nosy interfering gringos, the dog is there to keep nosy gringos away…
  23. I believe it came into effect on August 1st this year.
  24. The Scotia ATM has been giving 1000 peso notes for close to a year now.. I think they great, when I get propane it’s always over a thousand peso, I always ask for a thousand peso when I put gas in my car…
  25. B.S …… They dispensed with the form at GDL approximately 12 months ago, they were not required coming or going.. last July my passport was stamped flying out of GDL. And no form was required flying into GDL in August ,
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