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  1. Anyone who just needs foot nails trimmed - there is a 'podologo' in Chapala on the lake side just before you get to Madero.  He used to be on the corner of the building (ground floor), but is now located one or two locales towards Madero.  Keep your eye out for his sign in the window.

  2. On 9/11/2019 at 2:43 PM, happyjillin said:

    They are all over Chapala every day. Since they started Madero has far less double parking ,for example, than when it was the state transitos They removed chairs,boxes,etc. long ago. I  actually live in Chapala and generally my eyes are open when I roam about.

    Good to know from a resident of Chapala.  Then I just say I would like to see them in the village of Ajijic.

  3. For the last two evenings in a row we have been unable to open Prime Video, and yet during the day we can.  Tried contacting Prime Video directly, but they told me they could not help as our settings to Prime were through Amazon.mx and we would have to contact them.  Well, after spending almost half an hour trying to do it, I gave up.  Has anyone else had that problem and found a solution to it?  We are able to open Netflix at night so I don't think it is an internet problem, but must be a Prime problem.  Any help would be appreciated.  By the way, we have Ilox high-speed internet.

  4. 2 hours ago, sem123 said:

    With the Canadian Federal Election less than 40 days away  you can register to vote by mail. You'll need to figure out how to get the kit here in time, or have it delivered to the Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara.

    Here are the instructions


    I am already registered. They told me that once the election writ was dropped, that my voting kit would be sent to me by courier.  I seem to recall them saying that there would be enclosed a return waybill so it can be sent back to them by courier.

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  5. So glad the Transitos are doing their job.  They could make so much more revenue for the municipality by enforcing the traffic laws, especially in Ajijic.  You never see Transitos in the village of Ajijic (or Chapala for that matter).  They could make a ton of money there with parking spaces taken up by boxes or whatever else the owners of the businesses put out to prevent parking.  I just wish they would also crack down on the use of cell phones while driving.  We see so many people driving around lakeside with the damn phone either stuck to their ear, or the driver's  head down looking at it.  Just my little rant.

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  6. I would also like more information on this.  Are their quoted rates in US dollars or Canadian.  How much does it cost to rent the android box?  We have good speeds as we have Ilox, but we currently use Shaw satellite for 500 pesos a month, and I believe that rate is hard to beat.

  7. 22 hours ago, glws7777 said:

    Sorry if I was not specific. We are on septic water. We have cleaned the tenaco. So my problem is why its only water in the kitchen that has the smell. same source as the washrooms and never a problem. Now when We drain the water in the kitchen sinks after washing dishes the smell is bad. Not every time but 3/4 times a week. The kitchen is the furthest point in the house from the Tenaca

    Just so you know in future, it is "Tinaco".

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  8. 1 hour ago, daisy2013 said:

    To become a citizen you need an apostile for your birth certificates.  I forget the time period but it must be current in other word not too old.  I know your birth certificate in most cases does not change but that is what they wanted for citizenship.  Apostile for USA and authenticated for Canada.

    But they didn't say they wanted to become citizens of Mexico.  They said they wanted to get their RP (I assume that means Residente Permanente).

  9. Ajijic is overflowing with gringos and Mexicans almost all year round now.  If I had to do it over, I would live in Chapala as things are cheaper, especially rents and you don't have to spend time and gasoline stuck in traffic on the Carretera (highway).  They have Soriana, which is a little more expensive than Walmart, but not that much.  During high season when the snowbirds are here, traffic on the Carretera between San Antonio and West Ajijic is a slow process to get anywhere.  San Juan Cosala is a little too rustic for me.  I think my Spanish is good enough to survive in Jocotepec, but now I like Chapala more.  Many nice people there.   I think you can find rentals in Chapala almost anytime of the year.  Ajijic is a little more difficult in high season.

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  10. Switch to Ilox if it is in your neighbourhood.  We did and are extremely happy with it.  Have speeds between 45 and 90 Mbps.  Sure service drops once in a while, but not that often.  We are very happy and pay the same price  599 pesos as we  did with Telmex, except have better  service.

  11. Is there any plan in the future to recycle compostable plastic bags.  I notice more stores are starting to use these.  Also, a Mexican wine called "California", which is in a tetra box says "reciclame" on the carton.  It would be great if these, along with tetra boxes for milk could be recycled (as many people use these), as well as paper.  I know paper is the least valuable item, and currently I take mine to a place just as you enter Chapala as they take it and I don't expect any payment for it, although they do show above the place that they pay for paper.

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