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  1. Barcelonaman,

    Is Luciano at Vivero San Antonio?  Appreciate your comment to my post.

  2. I too have a Bancomer account and maybe you can answer my question.  I tried to set up another account to transfer to and from my limited Spanish I think it said I could only do that using my cell phone.  Is that correct.  I have done that previously using my laptop, however, things have changed.  Would appreciate your comments.  Thanks.

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    2. Arroyos


      Thanks John for your reply.  I will have to get that 1-800 number and check with Mexico to see if I can in fact transfer between my accounts online.

      As for Actinver, I find them somewhat of an 'ancient' bank in the way they do business.

    3. John Shrall

      John Shrall

      I just have several CD's at Actinver paying upper 5% to mid 6%.

      The Bancomer English line is 01-800-112-2999 option 2.

    4. Arroyos


      Thanks for the number John.  I will contact them.

  3. Mex Jerry,

    I sent you a private message and then saw this feed.  I thought I should let you know that my old IBM Thinkpad only has 1gb of RAM.  Someone on the Linux forum suggested that Cinamon might be heavy for only that amount of RAM and suggested that I download MATE instead.  What do you think? and could you download the MATE version if you agree with the other comment.  Thanks.  Brian

  4. I saw your note about Windows 10 and Linux.  You said you were happy with Linux and that you are hard to make happy.  I have been exploring Linux and am having trouble downloading.  I have downloaded the torrent file but it now 'seeding' and I don't know what that means.  Also, which server did you use to download?  I am currently using Windows 7 but it is a little slow and I have an old IBM computer that I was thinking of loading Linux onto. It appears it takes over an hour to download, so I will do overnight.  Verifying the ISO file seems to be extremely complicated.  Did you do that?  Any help or advice you can give would be appreciated.  By the way, they have just come out with Linuxmint 18, Cinamon version.  That is what I want to download.  Thanks in advance for your advice and help. If you want, you can call me at 331-382-4771 (my cell).  Brian is my name.

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