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  1. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/brazilian-real-mexican-peso-climbed-123000578.html
  2. Because of the huge amount of trade that goes on between them it is in the best interest of both countries to maintain stable peso/dollar exchange. I’m sure values are manipulated to maintain the status quo.
  3. Just being facetious since we’re all old men, except those of the female persuasion.
  4. https://sendto.mx/importacion-usa-ingles/?fuente=adwords&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsrWZBhC4ARIsAGGUJurg_0CncGN2_AkYqilauebwQ8n-hbeHCPSmBWSkx5nBBBQebMUKL3AaAtpGEALw_wcB https://mexicocrossborderfreight.com/cross-border-shipping-services/tx/hidalgo-crossborder-shipping/ https://www.movers.com.mx/ just a few that advertise here
  5. We’ve already seen this poster. I suppose you think if you post it often enough you’ll convince us. Duh!!
  6. MC just likes to listen to Samantha Marika, whoever the hell she is.
  7. I did volunteer work for a couple of years after I retired and then I decided that was it. No more.
  8. I just saw this offer from Megacable. Would this be a good alternative to Starlink? anyone have experience with Megacable?
  9. I agree with you. All this rehash is unnecessary.
  10. I’m waiting for a witty comeback from vetteforron. im sure he was outraged when the president was kidnapped and taken to the hospital. Better to have died from Covid than be humiliated that way.
  11. Damn! We should have listened to the president who wanted us to drink chlorox and put UV lights inside us. He knew what he was talking about! I don’t know why he got vaccinated. So did our stupid governor Abbott. I like our leaders to say one thing and do another. That’s the way it should be! Ron Paul is a medical doctor. Is he vaccinated? gov. desantis refuses to say if he’s vaccinated.
  12. Something doesn’t seem right. You can arrive at your destination, go to your dr’s preferred lab, get your lab work done, and show up at your dr’s office the following day. That’s the way I’ve always done it. you’re making things more complicated than it has to be.
  13. It is just as important to keep an eye on trends. Your values can change from time to time because of many reasons but if trends point in a certain direction then it may be time to see a Dr.
  14. Most lab values read the same in either language. Dr interpretations do have to be translated.
  15. If you have a choice of what to plant and he did say “not highly messy” why would you want a tree that causes a mess. you’re wearing your underwear too tight. That prevents blood flow to your brain and your voice takes on a higher pitch.
  16. Duh, so why would you want to have a tree that provides food that they can thrive on?
  17. I don’t trust anyone who has only one posting.
  18. You forgot the rear entry. as Satchel Paige said: ”Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.”
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