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  1. Exactly what my son did. The unit I got from Megacable is router and modem combined. My son was able to disconnect its router and plug in an Apple Airport router
  2. Per your comments if the exchange rate used to be 250 yen per dollar and it’s now 150 yen per dollar then the yen is strengthening.
  3. I was thinking of using foam pads on the bony areas, keeping lips moist, using eye drops if needed, etc. Dehydration has secondary effects that can be uncomfortable. Doctors and med techs never watch out for these things
  4. One thing you could do is bring in an experienced nurse to check out the comfort level of your wife. Sometimes little things make a big difference for a patient.
  5. Do you want to transfer to a home or do you want a hospice attendant to come by?
  6. You have to decide how far you want to go. My mother had to have feeding tube inserted and lived that way for a few months. Supplying oxygen may not be enough. You have to decide if you want to see her intubated. Does she have a urinary catheter? She has to be turned every couple of hours to prevent skin breakdown. Those bed sores are very painful. Good luck.
  7. Yesterday at 6am I sent money to my niece’s bank account. A few minutes later she got notification from her bank that she had received a deposit. At 7am on her way to work she came by with money that she keeps at home. They gave a rate of about 15 cent below spot price and charge about 2.50 dls for the transaction
  8. I just started using Xe.Com and it’s the greatest thing ever. Never going back to ATMs.
  9. I’ve stayed at the Ramada Encore. Nothing fancy but nice and clean. It’s a little farther but there’s a shuttle.
  10. You’re right but supposedly these are criminal elements charging all those coming through.
  11. Highway from Matehuala to Saltillo https://www.reddit.com/r/mexico/comments/165320d/cobro_de_piso_del_bienestar/
  12. You’re dreaming. We had thunder and lightning and it rained all last night. Today is all cloudy
  13. Your question just came up 2 weeks ago. Do a search.
  14. Xplain the ATM/dollar app combination
  15. I just sent myself money from US bank to Mexican bank using XE.Com. Exchange rate was 16.59 - nearby Banco Azteca was advertising 15.75 fee was about 2.50 dls. Money arrived on the same day.
  16. I was born in Mexico and became a US citizen without having to give up my Mexican citizenship. Give it up John.
  17. When I arrived at the airport coming from Texas, two lines form, one for Mexican citizens and one for US citizens. I asked the officer where to go since I was a dual citizen. He said I could choose either. if the officer was willing to recognize my dual citizenship why can’t you?
  18. I have dual citizenship and I also use American passport when entering US and Mexican passport when entering Mexico.
  19. How much and how often are the payments? In eligible but have never applied.
  20. I’m fortunate that my kids understand all this. They’re my go-to source of help
  21. Apple Pay has launched in Mexico. I’ve tried to use it sending US-Mexico but it hasn’t worked. Wondering if anyone else has tried it.
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