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  1. I might add. Ten years ago I had H.pylori verified by test and treated with antibiotics. This time around the doctor didn’t bother with the testing. He said if I’ve had it before then I probably was having a recurrence. also, this time around, after my vomiting spell, I took kefir for about a week to get my stomach flora back to normal.
  2. You might find a doctor who will treat you prophylacticly. Take the antibiotic, if the symptoms go away, you had H. pylori. on a similar subject, I’ve been having symptoms for the last couple of years. I told my doctor and he prescribed proton inhibitors which I refused to take. Three months ago I went down to Michoacan and ate something I shouldn’t have. That night I vomited about 6 to 7 times and had watery stools for the following 2 days. Since then my gastric symptoms have gone away and I feel normal again. I can now drink coffee, eat spicy foods, etc.
  3. I had to give it up. My eyes don’t focus that well anymore.
  4. there’s so much that can be done to ameliorate risk factors but avoiding coming to the Chapala area shouldn’t be one of them.
  5. The altitude would only affect you if you had preexisting issues. Otherwise your body adapts to the altitude. Take it easy when you first get here and slowly build up your stamina and soon you’ll be up to speed.
  6. Asking the neighboring business owners for information might help.
  7. I’ve always used TurboTax. I only used a CPA one year that I worked out of the country.
  8. I’ve heard those called “columpio(swing)” in Spanish
  9. Are you talking about a “columpio”? A metal stand where the bottle can swing down to dispense water?
  10. Next time you see one of these in Mexico ask them what they call it.
  11. The closest I can think is “diablito” which is “dolly” you can modify it by saying “un diablito para el garrafon de agua “
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