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  1. Asking the neighboring business owners for information might help.
  2. I’ve always used TurboTax. I only used a CPA one year that I worked out of the country.
  3. I’ve heard those called “columpio(swing)” in Spanish
  4. Are you talking about a “columpio”? A metal stand where the bottle can swing down to dispense water?
  5. Next time you see one of these in Mexico ask them what they call it.
  6. The closest I can think is “diablito” which is “dolly” you can modify it by saying “un diablito para el garrafon de agua “
  7. I see your 🙂 and raise you 2 🙃🙃
  8. Someone mentioned here that if you cancel it when you no longer need it L&L will give you a refund for the time left on it.
  9. It could be that Mexico is practicing the “good cop/bad cop” way of governing and they’re both controlled by the same entities.
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