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  1. Please do not use my name ned or my friend Pedro's name in vain on another local board in reference to a violent whacko there. I have never been on that board and my friend hasn't been on this one nor that one in years and neither of us are prone to violence and border promotions. You will never make it as an investigator but rumour mongering seems to be your forte. Perhaps you should change your user name to include 'DARK' instead of sunshiney.

  2. You are exceedingly intelligent to disregard all the naysayers.
  3. It's only sterile briefly when it is first expelled. At that time it's good for washing out a wound instantly, directly from the source.
  4. For someone who's still taking classes , you're doing rather well computergoy.
  5. Wet suit,dry suit, scuba gear. Look at all those little kids in my picture cavorting in the water in full gear,never mind just aqua shoes.
  6. The bottom photo is gringos and Mexicans on a New Years day spending 20 minutes in the water supporting Cruz Roja to the tune of just under $200,000 pesos . i took the picture and was told by them ,that the water was considerably warmer than the air. During the hot season in May one year a group of us were having libations at the Beer Garden and all went in for a refreshing dip and swim.
  7. If you think it's that cold,etc. you have never been in it so why bother to comment on something you have no experience with.
  8. No mystery. He and many other scientists and scientific organizations have done a lot of research over the years. Many people swim in it and not just Mexicans. i believe a couple of pictures are worth more than your constant negative words every time a lake topic comes up. Have a nice time swimming in your Raquette Club pool,cedros, but why don't you have it checked sometime for the urine to water ratio.
  9. My friend has been to Salas, done that 'nough said, and he and his wife swear by Dr. Briseno.
  10. Listen to a tape of a male Austrian from around Saltzburg speaking German and you'll be rolling your R's in no time like a champ.
  11. Can that vendor also supply ducks or geese not eggs?
  12. $321 pesos for 2 months in Chapala and I run the usual things including a fan at the bed every night to keep the mosquitoes off.
  13. It's also about 3 times bigger than the other one but has a lot of the same vendors.
  14. How do you know it's your sciatic nerve and not your femoral. Both affect your hip and one the back of the leg and the other the front. At a certain age deteriorating disc disease affect a lot of people. I agree with El Salto 100% on seeing an ortho surgeon but let them decide what diagnostics.
  15. My name is ned and I am somewhat computer technically impaired so that's an impossibility. There were lots of pics taken at the bass event some by the Guadalajara Reporter in their article and many photos of very large carp over the years. You can see a group of the bass pics on another local board and that is where I saw them. You are a member of it.
  16. Yes you're misinformed. These largemouth were stocked a few years ago in the lake and as in other lakes in Mexico they come from Florida stock that grows fast and comes from warm water. This is from a group of pics from another local board taken some time ago and looks like the weeds west of the Chapala pier. Now obviously there is enough to have a tournament. There have also been some huge carp taken from the lake like this one on the Ajijic pier.
  17. I waited a day to calm down. You can buy all those fish you mention including tilapia caught fresh every day at the fish mongers upstairs in the Chapala Mercado. Agua Milpa has commercial fishing for tilapia which grow up to about 2+ pounds there and a sport fishery for largemouth bass so they obviously get along. Although the bass is called largemouth it's mouth is generally not anatomically large enough to munch on turtles,baby ducks and, i'll throw in eggs too just for fun, along with other birds.If it does happen it's an anomaly and belongs in the Guiness Book of Records and would have to be a very large bass in the 10 pound+ range. I would take those youtube videos you've been watching with a bit of scepticism. Tilapia has become the commercial fish of choice here because of their rapid growth. They are farmed in pens off Mezcala Island as well as on land too.
  18. We hid the actual scientific studies on Lake Chapala that show otherwise in order to keep this place to ourselves which has been proven to be cleaner than a lot of beaches on the California coast. By the way since this is a thread on fishing there are some rivers in Mexico that harbour Golden Trout which cannot tolerate even the mildest pollution. This lake has a commercial fishery for carp,talapia,catfish,whitefish,charales and recently introduced largemouth bass,that's how bad it is. I have also seen people swimming in it and turning fluorescent green.
  19. He has never charged me 1000pesos for 30 minutes for anything he has done for me. Perhaps he is merely trying to recoup the cost of a very expensive piece of equipment that nobody else has.I have had no surprises from him and everything always gets fixed. That's his claim to fame,fixing things and bonus he shows up when he says he will unless the previous job takes longer. I use nobody else for plumbing and electrical.
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