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  1. Yes, not working at all in Riberas on either cell phone.
  2. I had contacted her by email for some test results. She said they had closed for a couple of days, but would reopen today, Jan 29th. She didn't explain why.
  3. I was able to cancel our service by sending a message to the Whatsapp #. A lady called me back and had me return the modem to the Ajijic office. She spoke English.
  4. Where are you located? Riberas maybe?
  5. Sears Galerias has lots and good prices.
  6. They have been in San Carlos for about 8 years. Sevin months of heaven and five months of hell.
  7. We had the same problem with our Telcel modem this week that we've had for around 6 months. Took it to Telcel and found out we had used the allotted 150,000 Mbps that you get per month. Have no idea really why that happened, but we had may have downloaded more this month. So, they let you buy 100 pesos of more Mbps at a time, but that's all. So, if you use that up, then you can go buy another 100 pesos until a new month rolls around. The speed is throttled way down so nothing works until you put more money on it! Give me a break! Hurry up Ilox.
  8. December, late March, April, May NOBs head north for spring at home. No big deal.
  9. Use macrolibriamiento to Tepic, exit PV cuaota to PV- Compestella. Winding road to PV from turn off at Compestella. On a Sunday, 4-4.5 hours to Bucerias.
  10. Yes, there is a limit to the amount you can use. Don’t have it with me, but if you go to the Telcel website all the info is there. Also, not sure what happens if we exceed the limit. Guess we’ll find out.
  11. We’ve had the Telcel modem for about a week now. It was very easy to set up, basically you plug it in and it works. The speed varies considerably at different times of the day, but seldom goes under 10 mbps. Most of the time it’s between 20-30 mbps download and about the same for the upload. We still have Telmex so we’re running both right now. The cost was around $1900 pesos for the modem and you pay upfront for the first 3 months at $350 pesos/month. Of course, it took three trips to Telcel to get the modem, but I have no idea why. You need your passport, visa and a utility bill and the names of 3 personal references with their phone numbers. So far, so good.
  12. I had written this down, but not sure if this guy still helps or not. I’ve never used him. Jose Luis Gonzalez. 331 3264662
  13. Swamp coolers are great in low humidity, but worthless in high humidity. As in the warm rainy season. An A/C unity will only be used a short time during the dry season and very little in the rainy season. The CFE bill is only a little higher for the year.
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