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  1. Anyone use it? I'm having some problems getting it to work. Many thanks.
  2. Are there real estate services that will handle renting a house I own for a cut of the profits? If so, is any better than others? How do they work? Many thanks
  3. Can anyone suggest best place or person to get solar water heating and electric? Thanks
  4. I have various assets in Mexico, such as houses, which I want to leave to m y Mexican family. I am going though a notario to do this and all seems straightforwrd. I also have a home in the US, in W. Va., which I want to leave to my biological childen in the US. The notario advises me also to have a US will dealing specifically with this house. I presume that I need to get a will under W.Va. law for the house only and make sure it does not revoke all previous wills, which might mean the Mexican will. I can't be the first person Lakeside to have this situation. If anyone can tell me anything that I might need to do, I would much appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. A couple of months ago our speed was well under 2 Mbps. A few minutes ago, over 10 Mbps and close to that a week ago. Wha' hoppen? ILOX panic TelMex?
  6. Can anyone recommend a good one, Lakeside or in Guad? Many thanks.
  7. We recently got the ten Mbps service from Telmex, and have had actual downloads speeds of e11.4 and now 3.8. Does anyone know anything about his? Thanks.
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