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  1. Thanks for the replies. I emailed hunterfan.mx but haven't gotten a reply yet. I bought 4 Hunters in Mexico and they were all great, very quiet. I am now on my third new Hunter in the States and all of them hummed. No one seems to have an answer other than to switch to a DC fan, something which I will look into. I was thinking that perhaps the Mexican fans were made in Mexico and that that might be a clue as to the difference.
  2. Does anyone know if the Hunter ceiling fans sold in Mexico are manufactured in Mexico, or in China? Thanks.
  3. I chatted with Samantha and she said they didn't deal with international brands and couldn't predict whether it could be retrofitted or not. It would depend on the model. I will start with the local handyman and ask for recommendations or possibly talk to Tio Sam's, with whom I have dealt before. I didn't get the stove from them but they should have some leads. Thanks.
  4. I just learned that the average/typical new oven here may not have a flameout gas cut off device. That is the gizmo that turns off the gas when it senses the flame has gone out unexpectedly. It's also known as an FSD, a Flame Supervision Device. I have a new Mabe range , model number XOC8076C, and I would like to explore having a thermocouple (or something) retrofit onto it. I know there are several mechanisms but I have no information about how people who have them like them. Also, I'm wondering about cost. Does anyone have information or experience about this? I love my daily bread but gas has its down side. Thanks.
  5. I installed the Pix system but then realized that it doesn't have MSNBC. There are a lot of English channels, a mix of SD and HD, also movies, HBO, Showtime, sports and more that I haven't discovered. The next day I subscribed to radiosity giving me MSNBC HD as well as a lot of other HD channels. Between the two there is a good selection of HD but I haven't had time to chart it all. Paying in pesos for each gives a total of 450p/mo. You can even pay cash at Oxxo and not involve your CC. The websites are not current so as Chillin suggested, you don't really know what you bought until you buy it; however they offer more than the website shows. You can subscribe by the month with options for price breaks for a longer period. I did notice today that some of the radiosity channels have their audio and video a wee bit out of sync, others are fine. I called support about it and they said that parts of the service were very new and that they would be fine tuning it.
  6. Thanks, everyone for the great information. I think I am going to hedge my bets and try to do both options so I can compare. I've paid for a month of radiosity (250p) that Chillin recommended and it should be active within 24 hours. Actually, it is Pix that the rep on the radiosityroku website set me up with. That amount includes all the premium channels they list on their website (Pix); it's a mix of HD and standard. We'll soon see how it goes. Radiosity and Pix are from Mexican resellers so no VPN is required. The sales/support rep on the Chat session writes perfect English and answers questions directly and to the point. It's interesting that if you look at their website in English the price is $23/mo. However, if you look at it in Spanish the price is $23/mo or 249pesos/mo. Do the math -- I paid in pesos. In fact, the support rep gave me both prices, too -- very helpful. On the other front, I am going to order a modem/router from the information Blame the Dog provided us and then I'll try to get that running, probably with Sling TV. I still have yet to digest much of the info' about the choice of routers so that is pending. My time is spread a little thin doing this, looking at property, and getting ready for a quick trip to the US so it will be a week at least before I know much more.
  7. Blame the Dog: Thanks for the information. Now I'm overwhelmed regarding the choice! Suggestions? I'm going up to the States later this week and could order one and have it shipped there and then bring it down with me. However, I need to decide soon. Do you favor replacing the Telmex rather than adding the new one as a secondary? I see that some of these modems seem to have only the rj45 jack for input while the Telmex has the rj11 for the phone line.
  8. That method was suggested on Dec 12, 2016 by Isso Jawad in the comments section of the link I posted above so it sounds good. Are those routers readily available here? Do you know the model numbers that can be used for this? Where would we get detailed instructions as to how to get into the second router and make those changes, plus whatever else needs to be done on the computer, if anything? Will instructions in the box be in English? Also, do you think that is better than running a smart DNS like Unlocator? Thanks. By the way, I spent 3 hours on a Chat session with Express VPN this morning and got nowhere.
  9. I just called ustvnow asking about the channels and cost. About half of the channels I want are on the premium plan and that is $200/mo with a $175 setup charge. I had set up an extra gmail account as REC had suggested (thanks) but I think I will pass on ustvnow.
  10. Yes, ustvnow explicitly says FB or Google. I'm near Bucerias and getting 8-9 from Telmex which should be fine for streaming anything ... if I could just get it set up! Checking into a VPN enabled modem or the smart DNS method.
  11. Ustvnow won't accept a sign-in using a hotmail address! They want a sign-in via social media, something I don't do so I can't get to the free trial. I'm not going to give them my primary gmail address. As for Roku, if I try to add a channel it asks for the access code. On Roku neither ustvnow nor Sling TV show on the apps listing. The main problem seems to be that Roku knows that I'm not in the US. With Roku, the Home page will not give me the Search option along with: Home Streaming Channels Settings. The Roku help page instructs us to go to Home, click on Search and then enter Sling TV in order to put it in the list of options for apps. When I talked to the Roku tech on a Chat session he told me that the reason is that Roku does not give me the Search option because it detects that I'm not in the US. A VPN doesn't change what Roku sees. I read somewhere recently on this forum that someone wrote about changing the DNS in the modem. Also, I think this webpage may have the answers: https://thevpn.guru/roku-american-channels-usa-get-unblock-vpn-dns/
  12. I looked at the channel lineup online and it looks like very few are HD. Is that correct? And how did you get Roku to add it to their lineup?
  13. I had a local guy here (Vallarta) set up a Roku 3 for me last night and today I tried to get Sling TV added for the basics like ESPN, History, NatGeo, MSNBC, CNN and I couldn't find a way to add it. Eventually I did a Chat session with Roku and after a long silence on the session he asked me where I was. I told him I was in MX using a VPN, the config everyone recommends, and he came back and said I couldn't get it here. Well, I've heard a lot of talk about Sling being used here so someone knows how to do it. Anyone know the procedure?
  14. Al and I are at least two of those in our early 70s who are interested in plans we can still enroll in. I plan to pay out of pocket for the small stuff but want coverage for an expensive surprise that requires immediate treatment. Best Doctors is very limited in what it covers. So, all suggestions for catastrophic plans for our age group are welcome. As I mentioned earlier I know about Plan Segura and Prevem, both Mexican plans. I've also heard that Bupa might cover us but don't have any information.
  15. Plan Seguro and Prevem Seguro are two that do. El Saltos can add to these.
  16. Ava now wants each interested party to contact her or Valerie directly regarding these matters. Interesting.
  17. Good point, and that creates a good question for Ava. I've sent off a request for her response to this. I'll report back. By the way, it sounds like you have at least one more option than many of us have (your GNP). Nice to have.
  18. Hmmm. I talked to Andre last week and the only thing he mentioned to me was Plan Seguro. Of course, if he represents WEA and puts together groups himself, those customer demographics and terms would be different from those of Boomers, or I might not have qualified with those demographics. (But it should include his support for those enrollees, a good thing)
  19. It seems that WEA has a worldwide presence insuring university students in the Caribbean, and volunteers, business people and retirees in 45 countries. That is how they explained the pool and how WEA manages to keep increases to a minimum. I continue to try to get more information about the company and I found a website of an intermediary that uses WEA as one of their insurers. It has two video interviews with WEA reps. It's a PR/marketing website, so keep that in mind, but it does provide some information and a little more perspective regarding the worldwide presence of the company. Again, it's marketing. https://www.gninsurance.com/international-insurance-plans-listed-company-name/like-wea-overseas-insurance-needs/
  20. Yep, I thought that might be the case. Both 65 and 69 are common cut-offs. Thanks.
  21. Are there any age requirements for new enrollees?
  22. In a nutshell, in USD: Best Doctors Benefit per year $750,000 Deductible/yr. 3,500 Premium/yr. 1,268 WEA Benefit per lifetime $2,000,000 Deductible/yr 2,500 Premium/yr. 1,357 Both plans accept new enrollees until age 74 years, 11 months -- physical exam and lab tests required. The Boomers website that I linked to in my OP has a pretty good overview of both plans. If you scroll down about a page you'll see the two red links, one to each plan. Also, the FAQ explains the similarities and differences of some key aspects of the plans. Again, WEA is more comprehensive in range of benefits and Ava said she expected many of the Best Doctors enrollees to transfer to WEA.
  23. I called both Ava and Valerie this afternoon and I had no trouble reaching either one. Valerie did tell me that if someone calls her when she is on the phone she is not aware of the call and it doesn't go to voicemail; she didn't specify land or cell. Yes, Best Doctors is very specific about what it covers but it is spelled out pretty clearly in the information. The WEA plan has a scope much different from Best Doctors and the Boomers website and FAQ does a pretty decent job of comparing the two, both in similarities and differences. I like the broader coverage of the WEA plan with its palatable deductible to supplement my medicare in the US. We can pay out of pocket for the lesser amounts but need protection from the big hit from an unexpected event that needs expensive treatment right away. This would protect our nest egg as well as our health. As noted in earlier threads the litmus test is how well they service their claims. I've read several posts here from patients and doctors, Al's today being the most recent, that give Best Doctors good marks for covered procedures. Unfortunately, since WEA is new in Lakeside we don't have much to look at regarding the claims history. However, WEA has been around for 50 years (1965), is 100% reinsured by Lloyd's of London, and the parent company of WEA, the Premier Assurance Group, claims to be in 195 countries worldwide. That's all I know. Last thing, as pointed out by one of the other agents here in Lakeside, when we're over 70 simply being able to get new coverage is a plus. But it still has to cover something!
  24. Ava said that Valerie Friesen at Blue Angel is an agent for it. She would be another source of information. I haven't talked with Valerie but I will try today.
  25. Newly arrived here and I've been interested in Best Doctors but now I see that as of July this year Boomers offers a new plan from the WEA, Worldwide Expatriate Association, in addition to Best Doctors. The WEA plan seems more comprehensive but still in the same ball park in terms of deductible and premium, it's just that the focus for each policy is different. They take new enrollees up to age 74 subject to exam and lab test results. I talked to Ava Monday and she seems knowledgeable about US medicare and insurance here and very willing to talk to us about it. I'm still working to get more information about it but would like to know what anyone here knows or thinks about it. For those who aren't familiar with either, the website to get you started is: http://boomers-in-paradise.org I've read all the past postings mentioning WEA but no one seems to say much about it. Thanks
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