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  1. I can't speak for anywhere else, but in Chapala, restaurants are typically open till eleven and bars till two am ... It's true there is no "gay' hangout, just lots of people hangouts where we don't get too hung up on labels. For full disclosure, its not perfect, when a local Cantina was purchased by a gay man, a few of the older guys refused to go back in there, and once a drunk shouted some shitty comments to him, but for the most part there is acceptance
  2. 376 106 0882 the number listed on face book
  3. the original poster is asking for some one who cooks and delivers, Where I am from Meals on Wheels, charges for this service, only very low income get it for free, So for a fee you get a meal ...
  4. This one also lists, laundry, liquor and tienda pick up and delivery
  5. Lol what a completely irrelevant comment. Have you ever actually checked the prices at an Oxxo for basic food stuff? Pretty reasonable. For myself I walk less then four blocks return, hit mr bull, the cremeria, surtidor, and veggie store. About once every three months I go to Wal-Mart for shampoo and tomato soup. Everything else can be found local. Edited to add ... In centro, Oxxo is the only place to find ice cream
  6. If its a gringo contact LCS, I think they have some sort of registry, perhaps can provide an emergency contact number. For a Mexican neighbour, I would talk with other neighbours for more insight. Edit to add: if the house is a rental find the owner/manager and request a check
  7. Does the plan include data? Because I pay 100p for 30 days unlimited calling to can/us/mex with no data. I tried to use my phone in the US but got an automated message that my sim card was invalid, it was one of those cheapy throw away phones.
  8. They are based out of Guadalajara, with an office in Chapala. I use this for internet, $250 pesos a month, can't really say if it's good or not as my computer is so old and slow regardless of provider. Tried the this and the high speed telcel, and not much difference, but that's on my clunker of a netbook.
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