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  1. Another vote for Robert's in Riberas. Excellent results, three times now.
  2. Aida sells them at Yoly's Beauty Salon Plaza Bugambillas in Ajijic, and they are also sold at Yves Restaurant in west Ajijic.
  3. Thanks so much, everybody, mission accomplished.
  4. I appreciate your candid response. I have had such a different experience.
  5. Moderators, please teach us how to do this.
  6. This group is becoming increasingly MEAN to members they don't agree with. Why?
  7. ...please teach me how to do this. Thanks.
  8. Why do you think this? Just curious. She is my primary care physician. She diagnosed my cancer and has taken excellent care of me through surgery and treatment.
  9. I use the services of Dra Lupita Cevallos in Riberas, and am very happy with her. Hidalgo 244, just across from La Antigua restaurant. 376 688 1244
  10. A friend of mine lived in Costa Rica for several years, moved here a year ago, and is moving back to CR as soon as it is safe to travel. She would be an excellent person to connect with about this. I will pm you with a way to contact her.
  11. Oh Eric! Here's a funny story. Many years ago, when I was newly married, my little sister lived with us. We were all "financially challenged," and agreed to exchange only ONE book with each other for Christmas. My kid sister gave my husband a copy of "Death Wish." The look on his face was SO funny! Thanks for the memory!
  12. Rich, I have the 4K, and am using it, but not to its full potential. I would like to hire you to program, add apps, and teach me! Are you available?
  13. The female crew member, a public affairs officer from Halifax, was killed.
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