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  1. I have three pieces of mail for: Michele A Delcastillo CLL Ramos Millan 65 A Emiliano Zapata Chapala The lady who received this mail thinks Michele moved to Mazatlan. Anyone know her, or how to get in touch? Thanks
  2. Sunsets from the beergarden are pretty good. An old fairy tale, and fun to try from anywhere, hold your hand up,knuckles facing the setting sun, count how many knuckles between the sun and the horizon, this indicates, in minutes, that remain, till the sunsets. Have fun, and enjoy.
  3. https://heavy.com/news/pastor-nikki-mathis-quarantined-canada/
  5. https://googlethatforyou.com?q=qualitycare ajijic
  6. Nearly a full, 24lb box Clorox DE Pool and Spa, yours for the taking. Send a PM
  7. https://www.pcmag.com/news/spacexs-starlink-targets-january-for-wider-public-beta-test
  8. well spacex launch tommorrow, 60 sat's for a total 943, 20 sat's on line in one batch, takes about 30 days to stabilize, then some form of testing, I'm sure. Give it six months
  9. Well, for starters, do a favorite search engine and lookup "satellite latency", here's one: That is one of the issues that affect satellite internet, have a look at some youtube videos about starlink, here's one to get you started:
  10. check this site, seems to suggest might be doable https://www.starlinkfinder.com/# https://findstarlink.com/#947;3
  11. Dorothy Brown I have passed your request on to our housekeeper, her daughter is a nurse. I suggest for further information we go private messages
  12. hey happyjillin, thanks for the recommendation, the number you provided for Adrian, comes back as no exist, got another number?
  13. ok, here's my thoughts. I've had Ilox since January, a default install, was a private IP address, and the DHCP server on the ONT was active. Turned wifi off from the ONT. My casita is about 60-70 feet from the ONT, installed an Orbi RBK50, next to the ONT and in the casita, excellent wifi in the casita For the first week or so, no issues, then IPTV started buffering, to the point it was unwatchable, email the noc, requested to turn off the DHCP server and assign a dynamic address, I assign my computers an address from the Orbi, this works for awhile, then buffering on some streams, if I select a channel that is 720 or less, no problem, if its 720 or above, it may or may not buffer.Had the noc send out a tech, they said there may be a charge, he arrived, I showed him the issue, he immediately said, "you need a dynamic address", I email the noc, yes you have a dynamic address, the issue persists. I started to keep a log of IP addresses assigned to the ONT, I have had the same address since May 31, before and after a reboot and a power cycle of the ONT. I have tried a couple VPN's, protonvpn and mullvad, both paid plans, the buffering continues. One of the tests the tech did was a speed test, his preferred site: https://www.nperf.com/en/ I have no issues with the speed, just the quality of the connection, I do believe there is some form of throttling going on, another user of the same IPTV provider, lives in Villa Nova, started experiencing the same issues with Ilox.
  14. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/mexico/ https://verificovid.mx/ https://lagodechapala.com/
  15. 331-847-5145 he just called, dumby me, I strung him along, cops out in force, no food, no buses, lets meet, he says where, I said the police station
  16. Are you saying Ilox is changing from private to public ip addresses now?
  17. Hey barcelonaman Has there been similar experiences with the other fiber providers in the Chapala area? Difficulties in service, changing IP's, getting service?
  18. Here we go AGAIN!! TO FSCKING CHEAP $500 mxn pesos=$25.56US dollars $60 mxn pesos= 3.06 mxn pesos For some fscking sake, pay the people a DESCENT WAGE
  19. FSCKing more pc correctness, do you really want this?
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