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  1. justsayin


    Went there for lunch today. Service was very slow. My friend had something with beef in it and the beef was so tough she couldn't eat it. Won't go back.
  2. Has anyone heard of a stem cell seminar that is being held lakeside? TIA
  3. I am soooo very happy to hear Chicka in back home with her daddy.
  4. I have sent many paintings to Merida and all shipments arrived in perfect condition. I always go with DHL. I used to have them prepare the art for shipping but now I prefer to do that part myself. Good luck with whoever you decide to go with.
  5. They were closed for vacation but are open again every day except Sunday.
  6. Thermal Cosala is located "next door" to the family style pools called the Balinerios in San Juan Cosala. No children allowed. There is one main pool and several hot tubs on the property. Massage is available as well. I think the current entry fee is 480 pesos. It is very relaxing and has lovely views of the lake.
  7. Thanks all! I reached Gualberto by phone and he suggested turning off the frig for some hours and the problem would likely be solved. It worked! Fan is working well again.
  8. Thank you. I am not getting through to either number, maybe because it is the weekend. I will keep trying.
  9. My frig has started to make what sounds like fan noise. Would any of you good folks know of a good repair person? If so, I would love to have their contact number. I am in Ajijic centro. TIA
  10. They do have a menu and it offers many selections...all delicious and perfectly prepared by chef Gloria. Best food in Ajijic IMHO.
  11. It seems the fire is out. No helicopters filling water bombs and no smoke. Let's hope it doesn't come alive again.
  12. justsayin


    I agree...fabulous rancheros! I also really like their chili!
  13. Any opinions on Supradol sublinguals? I take 1 about 3 times a week for arthritis pain. It is an nsaid.
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