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  1. http://www.bestmexicomovers.com/ May I suggest this local link could save you a lot of heartache and confusion.
  2. El Toro, May I suggest that there are several Spanish language schools in Morelia, Michoacan, known for immersion language learning with optional private accommodation. The best one appears to be: http://www.baden-powell.com/home; but also high on the list: http://spanishabroad.com/morelia-spanish-school/ Morelia is a lovely Colonial town in the state of Michoacan, a.k.a., the heart and soul of Mexico. With an emphasis on government sponsored cultural events is indicative of the general level of education. The information provided in the latter also notes similar affiliated schools in Guadalajara (if he wanted to be located closer to you) as well as numerous other cities and towns. Personally, I would find Guadalajara too overwhelming whereas Morelia is more intimate, walkable and easier to discover. From those two options your friend could have a look at both websites to get an idea of style and course content. Of course there are plenty other options he could research simply by Googling "Spanish Schools in Mexico" to have a broader scope. I trust this may be helpful.
  3. You will not find such a window. It will have to be custom-made and cut to your specs.
  4. Hi. I love natural stone floors and have experience in laying stone floors in shower/bath. All you need is a good albaƱil (stone mason). I really like the rustic look and feel on the feet. On account of a recent leak in the area outside of stone, resulted in a sizeable hole the area of vanity and claw tub was natural barro tile. Instead of trying to match the type of tile, I plan on tearing up the tilework and laying the entire bathroom with natural stone, as you describe. This is not conventional but a preference. as it is easy to care for, and the fact that natural barro does not like humidity and does take some maintenance. If you meant the pebble type, I can send you photos.
  5. Yes, there is an established well-known bonsai specialist in Chapala. https://www.facebook.com/people/Bonsai-Chapala-Cesar-Alfonso-Mendoza/100007763327609
  6. Yes, and identified exactly that. To do with unpasteurized dairy.

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