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  1. Get a lawyer for less than 100 bucks!!! You must be joking !!!
  2. My rent was 1000 a month until an American offered 13000 a month a 30% increase
  3. The problem of rising costs is ...too many yenkees with too much money to throw around
  4. I have Roku and Amazone firestick, both work fine
  5. My majick jack works perfect for me outgoing and incoming calls check your set up
  6. Same goes for the driver licence, can be from any state
  7. You can pay on line and print the receipt, keep it in the car at all times
  8. Register the car in South dakota!
  9. Don't complain ...no meter..no charge for the electricity that you are using!
  10. Not crazy at all , I suggest to shut the water off , if it does not stop it is a spring!
  11. I understand the shaw is switching service to new satellites, you probably are going to be SOL
  12. Telmex is OK, unlimited calls to Us, Canada and Europe, decently fast internet, competitive rates
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