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  1. I had my brows done about 3 1/2 years ago and they've lasted really well. Now, of course, they definitely need redoing. On the other hand, I had eyeliner done, not by the same person because she wasn't available, and I loved the results but they disappeared within weeks. So if I find someone with good recommendations Lakeside or in Guadalajara who does the feathered brows, I will get the brows and eyeliner done here again.
  2. Do any of the recommended places offer the feather or blade technique, where the esthetician draws individual hairs for a more natural look?
  3. SuJaula Pet Supplies, Tlaquepaque, 1 331 546 3149 sujaula@hotmail.com They will have dual purpose chickens, likely Rhode Island Reds. Probably not Australorps. Good luck.
  4. I was at the same dinner with the lady in question. She's a friend of mine and I will tell her that you want to talk to her.
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