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  1. Thanks for the links. Do you have experience with them? With pools or other?
  2. I need to renovate my pool and am looking for contractor recommendations. If you´ve had good (or bad!) experiences with pool construction or reno in the past few years, I´d love to hear about it (pm is fine). Rudy Rentaria is (kind of) retired and is unavailable, unfortunately.
  3. I know someone who is interested. Can you pm me contact info? Thanks
  4. If you do decide you want to try the CBD oil on your dog, I have two unopened boxes of NuLeaf Full Spectrum Pet CBD oil for 1000 pesos each. I bought them a year ago and ended up not using it. The boxes dates say BB 05/2023, but if you have doubts about using it after that date you could call up the company and ask -- they are very responsive.
  5. There´s a new veterinary practice in La Huerta shopping strip in west Ajijic that is run by two female vets. I know they will make house calls (at least nearby). They might be an option. Sorry, I don´t have their contact info.
  6. I use google also. Just type in the google search bar--- site:www.chapala.com search term This usually works better than the built in search functions on most sites
  7. Super Lake in the refrigerated section.
  8. hi = haven't gotten a message from you - does this come in on my email account - not sure where I get personal messages since I never go one - dottijane

  9. Dottiejane - I´m sending you a message about a possible place.
  10. Oxireyes, in Riberas, delivers medical oxygen 24/7. 33 3104 5218. The way it works is you can rent a tank from them (the big 5 foot tall tanks) for 5,000 pesos, I think. When it gets low, you call them and they´ll come and switch it out for a full one. Refills cost 1,500 pesos. They will also fill your own tank if you have it, but it might take half a day before you get it back if they do the pickup/delivery. You could also take your tank to their place in Riberas to get filled. You can also rent oxygen concentrators that go up to 5 L/m at Lidia Zamudio´s medical supply store (West Ajijic 376 688-3385, San Antonio 376 766-2088.) I know Lidia also used to rent out small portable O2 tanks, but they may be in limited supply since COVID.
  11. I used CBX last week. I used TIJ as the destination on Volaris' website, and at some point in the process they asked me if I wanted to buy CBX tickets too. The QR code that is the boarding pass also included the CBX ticket. Pretty seamless.
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