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  1. Finished a job for me less than a week ago.
  2. None in my part of Villa Nova. TelMex.
  3. Chapala Cruz Roja used to accept used car donations, but has stopped. Find out why.
  4. Hernia surgery with Dr. Fabian. Could not have been easier and healing quickly. One visit to remove a few sutures and we were done. Strong recommendation.
  5. Thanks to you both for responding. I will do my best to contact each of you over the next day or two.
  6. Need to have new supplies/accessories for a kitchen, two beds and two baths. Would require vehicle and local shopping only at Soriana, WalMart, AJIJIC dollar store and lakeside consignment and/or discount stores. Light work and could be fun, but I don’t have the time to do it nor the knowledge of what is needed to be purchased, especially for decent kitchen supplies. This should be a short term 2-3 day job. If interested, please leave name and contact info and I will get back to you as soon as I can and we can discuss details and I can answer questions. Thank you.
  7. Must be punishment for WalMart for not planting those 200 trees they were supposed to plant after construction was completed. (Attempt at humor.)
  8. Got my second dose of Pfizer yesterday. Feeling great and glad to be done. For now, anyway.
  9. Getting my Pfizer shot at the University yesterday was one of the easiest things I could ever imagine. Fun, too.
  10. They have not moved. The AJIJIC location is a secondary facility and their home base is in GDL. Because of slow business they are currently by appointment only and will come in from GDL for appointments. Call Juan whose cell is 33 1584 5209 for appointment.
  11. I buy lemon pound cake at Superlake.
  12. Almost any real estate or legal office.
  13. If you are referring to the one that was across the side street from the bus station, the owner passed away and it is closed.
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