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  1. I used Viajes Travel in West Ajijic. Chose my seats from those still available using computer showing all seats in arena. Paid for the tickets and picked them up day or two before event. They did go through Ticketmaster, which I couldn't figure out how to do, so there was the Ticketmaster premium added to the ticket plus about 50 pesos for each ticket for the travel agency. Not the first time I have used them. Always successful whether paying cash or using credit card.
  2. Aguagente at about 250 a month for rental, installation and annual maintenance. One tap at kitchen sink and filter under sink. Love it and can see and taste the difference in my drinking water. I drank tap water for years, but when I got the amoeba from hell that took over six months to get rid of switching to Aguagente was a major part of the solution.
  3. By Googling "Gringal's Content Chapala.com" you or anyone else will find 230 pages of your over 6,000 comments since you joined this forum in July, 2010. Open to the world for their perusal.
  4. Over 10 years on same registration with same US plates, including three of those as Permanente before I had that vehicle disappeared and bought Jalisco plated vehicle. Never a problem. Even when pulled over was never even mentioned.
  5. I remember them being in the garage behind El Torito for a while, but not in the car wash next to Roberto's.
  6. Enjoyed my first pizza here yesterday. Definitely the the best pizza I have had in over 13 years of living here. Also, enjoyed the country quiet, fresh air, exhaust free and noise free location with excellent parking. Planning on becoming a regular.
  7. 18.2 at Intercam this morning. Guess the tanking of the peso was pretty short lived, especially since it never existed.
  8. RIBERAS has a long history of water quality issues, particularly lower Riberas.
  9. Absolutely perfect! Still laughing! Thank you!
  10. Sounds like a good idea to me. No response to my message. Still unread.
  11. I just sent her a message on FB Messenger. Hope she gets it.
  12. Camille asks every year. She is a very thoughtful and considerate person unlike some of those who responded to her generous offer.
  13. He's posted this before without the sad, new update. Lots of anger mixed with his sadness. Hard to think clearly with so much anger.
  14. For starters, you might want to refer to Intercasa's well written explanation of "How to Die in Mexico" which is pinned in the Mexico General section of this forum.
  15. If you're doing a rain dance, please put your clothes on and go back inside. That could be part of the problem. Yikes!
  16. Heidi and Rick, just off the Ajijic Plaza towards San Andres on Parroquia, do a great job and use quality Tshirts that don't shrink or lose their shape after a few washings.
  17. It took me five tries to even connect to the board today and then two more to just post this. Connectivity has gone from bad to worse to almost non existent for me.
  18. I enjoyed Thanksgiving Week at The Friendly three or four years ago and thought it was an excellent value for the price.
  19. And it's not just old people walking around outside and eating and shopping locally. I actually found one inside my house a few months ago! That mirror is not going back on the wall again! Ever!
  20. I am seeking recommendations and contact information for both oncologists and maxillofacial surgeons. Thank you for your help.
  21. I have always liked the Sunday brunch buffet at Bambu. Courteous, prompt and attentive staff and an excellent price for the quantity, quality and variety of foods available. Thanks for making more room for those of us who enjoy eating there.
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