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  1. Please disregard posting if you don’t have any further information other than rumors.
  2. Santiago must be referring to his hospital otherwise he could just pickup the phone and call Dr. García, who already has appointments scheduled in his new hospital, and not be spreading easily disproved, unfounded negative rumors about the San Antonio facility on local web boards or elsewhere disguised as a question to which he could easily find the answer if he really wants an answer.
  3. Not weird at all. You have used your employees as contractors, also. The work you contracted them to do outside of their employment responsibilities is exempt, however, pay them for it if you wish. Not a big deal either way.
  4. I stopped there this morning and they are getting some in later this week. Thanks to both of you for your help.
  5. I realize I’m late, but have any of you noticed any place locally that still has portable propane heaters for sale? Please, don’t suggest if you are not sure. Thanks.
  6. I highly recommend Eurofreeze across from Gossips, which is a satellite shop to their main shop in GDL. They drove me home when I dropped my car off and picked me up later the same day when my car was ready. Showed me original and newly installed new replacement parts, explained exactly what was wrong and how they repaired it, gave me a three month full warranty, charged a fair price and I was more than pleased.
  7. Check and follow the Customs and Immigration section of this board where LCS posts monthly information and changes or just call LCS with your questions. They have the correct answers.
  8. I’ve probably stopped to chat with about a dozen folks who live scattered throughout Villa Nova this weekend and none mentioned any changes, positive or negative, in their TelMex internet service.
  9. I also bought one from him yesterday outside Superlake as I have done for the last ten years, I think. Well made. Exactly what poster is looking for. I think they are the best calendars available here with plenty of room to make notes, etc. in the date spaces.
  10. Manix is sold out for both seatings.
  11. I hope this time it works for them and brings them the success they have had In the past. They certainly deserve it.
  12. The ability for the OP to delete their entire post, thread and all responses or simply any or all of his/her posts/comments has been an option available to all of us for years.
  13. I think being able to show a prospective buyer that you recently had your car serviced, examined, repaired, etc. by Dalton Toyota, or other Toyota dealer, rather than a local mechanic may bring you a better selling price and quicker sale.
  14. A friend’s mother used to visit Ajijic from The States for a few months each year and had her dialysis done at the clinic in Jocotepec without any problems. I believe there is also a clinic in Chapala that has recently started offering dialysis. In addition, check with Maskaras Clinic, as I think they may also be offering dialysis when the new hospital in Riberas opens in the first half of 2019, hopefully.
  15. Looked like a good turnout. Thanks for the brief update, Harry.
  16. Sounds like business as usual in the Municipio of Chapala. Happens consistently with zero consequences. Why expect a different outcome this year? Especially, since two of the major culprits are now on the new City Council.
  17. 20 pesos is more than a fair price when the local taxis charge 80 between Chapala and Ajijic..
  18. Manix is now taking reservations and expects to sell out both sittings quickly.
  19. What does it mean to “clay” a vehicle?
  20. Not sure my warranty was offered either, but I asked and he wrote it on my receipt.
  21. I am a fan of these guys and have recommended them to many. Three month warranty, ride home and pick up when my vehicle was finished. Showed me old parts and new replacements, very reasonable prices and finished ahead of time promised. A real asset to our community to finally have a competetent a/c place open five days a week. No English, but they are skilled with Google Translate on their smart phone, so all went well.
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