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  1.  I unknowingly paid my gardener with a forged 500 peso bill several years ago that I received from Multiva ATM machine and unknowingly passed it on to my gardener who returned it to me after having had it refused by three different retailers. I replaced it for him and headed over to Multiva with the forgery. After some questions and paperwork and a couple of months I also received a full replacement from Multiva.

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  2. Drove past it on their frontage road yesterday about 5 pm. Drove really slow as I am not familiar at all with that restaurant and wanted to check out what the inside looked like since all the doors were open and there was a greeter on their door steps. Nice interior, looks comfortable. All chairs were empty at 5 pm. Not sure if that means anything but I was surprised.

  3. Sorry, I just remember seeing his name on quite a few posts on a fairly regular basis. I didn’t read them and don’t remember the names of the different sites.  Go back to the forums and scroll until you see his name. Shouldn’t take but a minute or so and then click on it to get his email address. If that doesn’t do it write to the website administrator.

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