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  1. Is it safe driving from the Columbia border crossing through Chihuahua and on to Guadalajara and Lakeside? Does anyone have recommendations?
  2. Our beloved 14 year old dog has cancer. Treatment attempted and she has not responded. Her quality of life is poor. She HATES going to the Vet's office. Does anyone have suggestions for a compassionate veterinarian who will come to our home so that she can pass in peace and in a place where she feels comfortable?
  3. Your information about the beetle and a bacterial infection carried by the beetle was correct. You were also right about it being too late for the palm. I was advised that while date palms are the most susceptible, other palms are at risk as well. We're having the tree removed. :-) Thank you for your help.
  4. I have a question for the knowledgeable gardeners of Ajijic. I have a date palm that has been healthy until this year. It is dying. The fronds appear to be drying and the top of the tree is dying. We hate to lose it as it was a beautiful tree. Does anyone know if there is a disease that affects the date palms and whether there might be any treatment? If it becomes necessary to find another tree and wait for it to grow, is there a way to make sure that the disease does not occur in the replacement? Thank you for any help!
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