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  1. I like to try to get to the original source when attempting to get the benefits from something I ingest. There are sleep teas I bought at the grain store next to Gossips which has camomille, passion flower and other plant material that should relax you. Of course after you find it, brew it and strain it, you should be tired anyway (lol). If you take calcium, take it in the evening along with magnesium, maybe 500 mg. BTW, Ambien is made by Monsanto I read, beware!
  2. Add me to the list of "no car by choice". I am not here full-time and have rented a car when I had family visiting but basically I do fine walking, the local busses and accepting rides from friends now and then. One of the reasons I chose this area is because it is easy enough to get around without owning a vehicle. There are too many cars here already and dealing with break downs, mordida, and lousy driving conditions is not for me. I get enough gas fumes just walking along the Careterra. People complain about the parking at Superlake, traffic in town but forget they are part of the problem. No car for me until the day comes when walking becomes too difficult.
  3. And Dr Bimbela is excellent. He is a Bd certifed plastic surgeon and does not run an assembly line operation. Takes your concerns into consideration. Dioes the surgery in at the Ajijic Clinic. If need be, you can stay overnight which happened in my case.A year later, I am happy with results.
  4. Wouldn't you rather support enterprising local merchants, especially women, trying to make a living? Adrianna (now I know her name) can be very helpful and will explain the different qualities of chocolate or whatever information you need to know. Apparently honest, as I asked her if something was organic and she said she didn't really know. She could have said yes and I would not have known the difference. She also will bring requests from Guad so when you need that exotic ingredient, she is your go to person. The higher the volume sold, the fresher her products will be. We all win. Yes, I'm a fan.
  5. I'm not so sure about bottled water. Does anyone have a source for delivery of spring water?
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