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  1. I used ARCA Architect Carlos! He has doing cúpulas and catalana ceilings for me! Call hem at 3312887811 He have a great team!
  2. They can get the facturas for the materials, at youre name!
  3. like $7000 pesos m2, plus permits, desing, perito and imss, some architec or contractor they pay permits and imss!! and the best is build youre dream home, and you can see the procest and now you have a good foundation and quualiti material and labor!! because if you buy a home you never now how qualiti materials and foundation that home is!! or how old is the property!!
  4. That is whit Architec, I think whit a Contractor is more expensive, because the Contractor new to paid for Architec or Engineer civil, to make inspection for the work project!
  5. The cost For the labor and materials aré the same price in chapala and ajijic, Now the prices For New construction is $7,000.00 to $9,000.00 pesos m2. The remodeling some times aré more expensive.
  6. Tray in Jocotepec, there is many stores in the entrance and beteer prices to. Suerte
  7. I use Rully great prices and excelent worked, 3334595533. Suerte
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