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  1. Rully can make 4 you! Great team, and honest person!
  2. How old is youre home? You don't have any plan or desing for you home? Thats can be a great help!
  3. When we piad our taxes includes tha trash collection, but the guy for the trash they tell me the new goverment of chapala they goint to start to charge for the trash collection! So thats the point whit thes new goverment of chapala!
  4. Any maestro of masonry can make! Just only show the desing and they make for you! In my opinion the concrete polished look nice!
  5. And 4 salitre repairs problems! Prevention of settlements by wet! Send email whit the experts general_contractor2451@yahoo.com.mx May be they can help you!
  6. Sorry 4 u!! I hope u can finish you project, I now sometimes we have only the money to finish and whit this problems is complicated to continue or to trust in other Arq or Contractor!! But you can fin other Arq or Contractor to continue!! Grettis!
  7. You can find metal gutter in ajijc, in la casa del plomero hardwarestore!! Grettis!
  8. Is bad for our mountains!! But What I now the mountains have owner like we are owner in our lot house!! So the Ejidatarios or Comunidad Indijena, they not like to work whit any goverment! And they have some ofert for the mountain and sell!! 😔
  9. Madereria Real Ortega!! They are acros from Soriana in chapala!! You can find there! Or they can make for you!! Grettis!!
  10. Normal clean $1000 pesos, when they used the power washer is like $2000 pesos, more warranty and better clean whit the power washer! Grettis!!
  11. I now a guy! He bring for me when I need! He can sell the tiles whit seal! He used Sellador Casther! Ready to install the tiles! How much you need? I can tell hem! Is you want the tile clean and seal, or only the tile and you can sealer!!
  12. The last bus from chapala to jocotepec is 10:30, so I think ixtlahuacan to chapala is 10:00pm.
  13. You can find in this forum great references! I used only 1, for 7 years!! Great quality, honest, and good prices!! Call hem at 3314451634 said Susan recomended!! Grettis
  14. No!! Other person can bring youre car, but you need to go whit that person! Thats the only way you can!! Because the permit you get have the name of the owner of the car!
  15. You can go to the palacio municipal in Chapala, the Ecologi deparment!!! Departamento se Ecologia!! You can ask there and they goint to let you now!!
  16. To build a septick tank, for grey water and dark water cost like $30 000 to $35 000 pesos, and Here in Riveras I install a heavy dutty water pump in the grey water tank, so when they almost full the pump start on to drain the water!! Conected whit the raing water draing!!!
  17. You can used a Parota Wood for floor tiles!!! But you need to have a good concrete work before to install!!! You need to remove the old concrete, then you need to put a special plastic, and them the concrete what they used for pools, thats special, them the wood floor! Thats give you warranty!! Grettis
  18. They do the same whit me!! I think they no like to do some small job! I call a contractor and he make me screen door.... greetis!!
  19. Mexicans cartel vs soldiers, federales tray not go outside today!!
  20. They charge per tree, and the price is diferent and how difficul is the tree, and check is you need some permit!!! But they are like to $400 to $700 inch 1!! 3314451634 call hem he speak english he can get you and estimate!! Grettis
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