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  1. Ubaldo Unzueta Renteria @ Herrería Unzueta. Carr. Ote No. 37 Ajijic. Just East of the Pemex station in Ajijic, same side of the street (mountain side). herreriaunzueta@hotmail.com  Open 9am-6pm (not sure about weekend hours), closed between 1-2 for lunch. Ubaldo is very good. His family has been in the iron biz for many years. 766-0041 cel. 331-072-5794. 

  2. Like bats, think bats are great, and don't want to harm it.  Don't, however, want to clean up bat poop every morning. Since the open wall to the garage does not allow for a closed door, the bat can come in whenever he likes. Thanks for the suggestions, ie the sonic method, and will keep trying to discourage the little guy in a humane way.

  3. Trimmed the tree and the bat moved into the garage (one wall open to the outdoor patio). Looking for suggestions for humane bat removal or ways to discourage the bat that won't hurt the little guy. It moves around to different high areas of the walls, so not just one spot. Anyone have success with this problem Lakeside? Thanks!

  4. I am looking for a mattress-top piece of foam that is NOT memory foam. Some years ago I got egg-crate foam in the bedding department of the Lakeside Walmart, but they no longer carry it. Anybody know who might locally (Ajijic, Riberas, St. Antonio, Chapala) sell a large piece of foam, bedding or firm upholstery type? 

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