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  1. Are there places lakeside where gay men socialize? (Couples and/or singles?)
  2. I'm just beginning to realize the vast amount of video entertainment available via streaming. However: - Is there a clean, legal, long-term way for me here in Mexico to obtain the experience of a streamer in the United States? Thanks. ---- I've seen both VPN and "Smart DNS proxy" mentioned, and I suspect that VPN worked better in the past than now. Also, I've seen this web-site comment: - If you’re looking for a long-term fix to watch American Netflix outside USA, you might end up disappointed. (And that's just Netflix.) ---- By the way, my whole house is on a larger LAN built off off a LAN from Telmex. "clean" above would apply the desired solution -- VPN, "Smart DNS Proxy", or whatever -- to the entire network. (As opposed to merely going through the Mac laptop at which I'm typing.) "clean" would be very nice, but it isn't a must.
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