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  1. You know what works for me? .. a change in environment or routine. It's called tipid turkey. Anything that directs the ritual, is part of the ritual, must go.
  2. Be careful a newbe is watching. I just wanted to confess I took Tramadol while in Thailand. I took it everyday. I didn't have pain, I had misery. The sense of well being I got helped me through it. I've taken a lot of different drugs. Cigarettes are the most addicting of them all. Any others were easy to kick. I swear, many people have addictive personalities. Shopping can become an addiction. So can playing golf.
  3. For years the Mexicans have tried to show me how it's done. I always tell them, if I couldn't do it for my mother I won't be able to do it for you. Tied tongue. They say if you split a crows tongue he'll be able to talk. Maybe that's what I need. Can somebody recommend a good tongue doctor? On topic: Let's say two emergency patients just arrived to the ER, both with the same condition; a broken arm. One is a 10 yo girl, the other an 85 yo woman. A nurse comes out and tells the patients, "The medical staff will have a shift change in an hour. The on-duty doctor can only attend to one of you at the mo. The other will have to wait about an hour." So what happens? Do you think the nurse is going to choose the lucky one? Will they flip a coin, draw straws? IMO, the elderly has to right of deference. Is she going to stand up and walk past the little girl enroute to the OR? No, she won't let that happen. She'll defer to the child. And the child's parents will give her a thousand thank yous and a lot of bowing. Sympathy goes to the child. Respect goes to the elderly. The comment there somewhere above about the family's total dedication and respect to the old ones is BS. You think Mexican families never fight and feud? You think nobody here has ever been written out of a will? My long-time pals Miguel's family is the perfect example. Mother dies 12 years ago, father died 10 years ago. Miguel has six brothers and sisters. The old man left a small fortune. They've been duking it out in court for 10 years. Almost all the children stopped talking to one another during the blood letting. So far not one of them has seen a peso of the old man's money.
  4. 36 years in country. A completed Master's dissertation in Mexican Family Values, WWU 1981. BA in cognitive anthropology, U of Washington, go Huskies! Grew up in East LA, 80% Mexican population. Mom was a polyglot and university prof., Spanish, French. First came here in 1950. 30 years in TEFL, 20 of those in Latin America, Most of those at Mexico's second-ranked university, El ITESO, and six years in the Marine Biology Dept at UABCS, TOEFL, English to Spanish textbook translator. Six months in a Mexican jail, San Juan del Rio, Michoacan. Three terms (Three months of duty for three decades) for the US Census Bureau as a bilingual census enumerator in LA, Modesto, San Francisco. Court interpreter, 1 1/2 years in Central California. Intrepertor for a large construction company in Seattle WA. And I still can't roll an R. Oh, and I skipped the first grade ... does that count? Does that make me more credentialed than you, Toro?
  5. hahahahahaha I first heard this back in the 80s. I think I can guess your news source. Yep, give your maid a tip and sink Lakeside right into the mud.
  6. Huh? Huh? Huh? I think it's known as The Cost of Living. I've never been to Ajijic but I don't have to go there to know the CoL has to be higher than in El Salinas Oaxaca. I doubt there are many Mexican families of 5-6 who are kicked back with the tele waiting for their housekeeping mother to come home with the bacon. I'm also sure her kids and her husband would rather she didn't have to work. Many of y'all are just painly bent on giving as little as possible. What do y'all think of a Gringo who earns 1/5 your income and tips more than you? Is he insane, stupid, drugged, senile, what?
  7. Gota agree with that. It is lower in real Mexico, where a taco is 7 pesos and rent is less than a thousand a month. In Los Cabos a taco is 25 pesos. Do those maids work for 120 pesos a day? Would you work for five tacos a day? Not in reference to you, friend, but I would work for five tacos a day, indeed I would. Then one day on my lunch break I'd head downtown to a locksmith with your door and gate key and have duplicates made, then sell them to the highest bidder. Then take a nice little vacation from housework.
  8. Hip Hip Hurray To pay too little is false economy. You want your maid on your side. Believe me she'd know how to get back at you, with no risk to herself. I'm not just referring to what you pay her, but your entire relationship.
  9. I gotta agree with that. + They're saner, more proud to be of their nationality, have a better social net system, have a cool PM. - They talk funny, laugh at old jokes, will go out of their way to save a dime, had language police in Quebec.
  10. Yes, ama de llaves is a good one. And that brings us to a "full service maid." What's the term for her? I always liked, amigos con derecho.
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