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  1. CBGUY

    Cuban Sandwich

    Just had a Cuban sandwich at Beto's! For a minute there, I thought I was back in Little Havana in Miami! Fantastic sandwich with ham, pork, cheese, dill pickle and mustard...then, put on a sandwich press! Comes out hot and crunchy. The only problem is that now I have to decide between the Cuban and one of their burgers! Oh, forgot..I also had a chocolate milk shake!
  2. I just finished a chili dog and curly fries at Beto's. I ate all the fries before I even touched the chili dog...excellent! Beto really knows his way around the kitchen!
  3. On thr immediate East end of Stromm movers parking lot turn south. One block, Zaeagoza, turn right. 1 and 1&2 blocks on the South side of the street. In my opinion, for what it's worth, he serves the best burger in town!
  4. On thr immediate East end of Stromm movers parking lot turn south. One block, Zaeagoza, turn right. 1 and 1&2 blocks on the South side of the street.
  5. If you are in an area served by TotalPlay then streaming will be a lot better.  I have network only service from

    TotalPlay and a streaming service called Real TV.  I get TV channels from all over the world.  I get all the major US networks, local TV stations, movies and all the sports i can stand.  The service is simple to operate and it's almost as good as cable service in the States.  We do experience some buffering, but it is rare.  Just let me know if you want more information.


  6. Heidi and I have had Dish Network since we arrived here 20 years ago. Recently started experiencing channel losses and other things We are trying to explore streaming but it all seems very confusing. Can you get the major networks streaming here in Mexico? Any non-technical help would be GREATLY appreciated! Heidi & Rick
  7. CBGUY


    Perhaps if you had read my original post regarding my cigarettes, you would have seen that I said "I'll." leave my cigarettes at home. Smart people know that I'll is a contraction for I will. So fly back to your limb and wait for the next one!
  8. CBGUY


    It's kind of sad. I posted about a good experience Heidi and I had to let people know and, to possibly help the restaurant. Unfortunately, there always seems to be vultures sitting on their respective limbs waiting to fly down and attack something! I swore months ago that I would never post on this board again. I guess, during a senior moment, I forgot...I won't make that mistake again! By the way, I don't need an English lesson from someone who obviously can't read! ADIOS!
  9. CBGUY


    I guess you need to learn how to read before commenting. I said I WOULD LEAVE MY CIGARETTES AT HOME! I could use smaller words if that would help!
  10. CBGUY


    Just for the heck of it, why not go back to the original subject. This smoking/non smoking thing has been beaten to death along with dogs in a restaurant. Beto has DAMN GOOD BURGERS!
  11. CBGUY


    Great decision Beto! I'm one of those "nasty" smokers but, for one of your burgers, I'll leave my cigarettes at home! Rick
  12. CBGUY


    Went back today and we met a friend for lunch. Heidi and split a coke, Heidi had a single with fries, I had the double with onion rings, and, Mike had a chili dog, fries, onion rings and a beer. The total charge for the 3 of us was $335. There's another place that serves single, double and triple burgers. I think this is much better at about half the price! Heidi n' Rick
  13. Turn south on street on the east side of Strom Movers parking lot. One block south, turn right on Zaragoza. Go 2 blocks and on the Southwest corner is Beto"s. Six or seven different burgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, onion rings, pulled pork and more. I had the double which reminded me of an In and Out burger. Excellent meat, juicy and, cooked perfectly! Great burger in walking distance from home....I'm happy!
  14. Anybody have any idea when "old farts"can get their 2nd shots? Thanks!
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