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  1. Someone suggested they are seasonal, when the rains come they leave for the rest of the year. Then they come back in Jan? Just trying to zero in on a month so I can schedule this project.
  2. Yes they are here! When do those bats migrate out of here? Which month do they leave? ! What I’d like t
  3. When do our local bats migrate away from this area? Is that once rainy season begins? By what time of year are they gone? I’m planning on doing a project which would be greatly hampered if they were still present.
  4. Nothing fancy.... Don't want a posh salon! I have long hair below shoulders, which requires layering. Aim to keep my hair long, and do not want to be shortened up. A plus (not a must): Bonus (again, only a plus - not required) anyone who is knowledgable of hair treatments to retain durability of longer hair (eg splits/damage control).
  5. Hi Guiness, Name of Quality Care's ENT please. Thank you!
  6. We've had dinner at Masayume in Ajijic a few times, and enjoyed the Tempura! (Located between the Donut place and bank mountainside)
  7. @TheWalkers check your regular yahoo email box.
  8. I tried to PM you. Your preferences may need adjustment, or your mailbox may be too full. I know who you are in person, and can contact you off this board if need be. See if you can fix your preferences, and if not let me know!
  9. Having an open mind is key. I do not think what I use for fleas, is considered holistic in the least. However, our homeopathic vet recommends neem as it is extremely safe, that recommendation coming without selling me any of the products. So it is nice to know that neem does not interfere with their system and is safe to use while treating with a homeopathic remedy. There are many safe (non-pesticide) flea preventives. It does take some research to find those, and I have heard of that pendant. It looked enticing, and too good to be true. I am not surprised it worked for your dog, I had heard good reports on that. I tempted when I looked at that pendant, but my dogs are oh so exposed and we are very active (hiking) with them and their doggy friends. I decide to go with a natural Neem pet concentrate, and have been impressed with that. The small bottle mixes up over a year of applications. We have not found a flea/tick yet on our dogs, and they hike and roll around in the mountains, sometimes with other dogs which we found to have fleas after the fact. None of those fleas found ours appealing, so this must be working.
  10. I did receive PM's... Not necessarily looking an "answer" though. More so, a mutually beneficial exchange of experiences and information. I really did not expect to have heard from many, as most of us are brought up on conventional and big pharma. One person that I have heard from, was not aware that there was a Homeopathic Vet which visits our area. Much to be gained from this exchange of information.
  11. Thanks for checking out that link. We each have to choose what is right for us. There will always be those who counter our choices, much like the static that many of us heard in our choice to move to Mexico. Point being, is if you listen too closely to those who say nay, then you may indeed miss out. I am not here to change peoples views, ridicule, or gossip about others, when perspective differs. If you will please note, the original post said: Please PM me directly.
  12. For those who are interested, I have included a link to a (free) book, to understand what I am referring to in that of Samuel Hahnemann approach to Homeopathy: http://www.drdooley.net/Book.pdf The word itself, Homeopathy, conjures up images of a person treating themselves with herbs and multiple "natural" off the shelf treatments. In fact, the above approach, uses one remedy, to treat the whole person, and frowns upon multiple ingredients or remedies. That read is a valued resource, many true Homeopathic Doctors recommend patients read. A great clarifier to be certain, for so much is termed Homeopathy.
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