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  1. Hi, I have a large perforated ear drum that needs to be repaired. It's too large to heal on its own. I would prefer a recommendation from someone who has had a successful outcome. Please PM me if there's a Doctor that would be best to avoid. My Primary Care Physician recommends a Doctor who performs this type of surgery in Guadalajara rather than a Lakeside one. TIA for your help.
  2. MiguelMiramontes.com Bilingual, very reliable, and honest!
  3. Ditto at Los Sabinos in West Ajijic!
  4. Hi, Dra. Carla is my Primary Care Provider and I have complete and absolute confidence in her diagnosis and competence. She is a wonderful, compassionate person and an excellent physician. She has my unqualified recommendation. She is worth every Peso of her fee.
  5. Our local electrician says they are not made anylonger. Can anyone recommend a store that might have one? Will go to Guadalajara if necessary. Spoke to two there stores but had language barriers. TIA
  6. Regarding the link I posted. I neither endorsed or disagreed with the position of either party. I do think the unique medical necessity and urgency that Covaid-19 presented required many difficult decisions and policies to be implemented by medical staff that were doing the best they could with limited knowledge and resources. I also believe, unfortunately, financial considerations played a role in dictatating policies. Off subject , I need to entertain different opinions on many topics so that I give myself the opportunity to grow, change, and become a better person than I was yesterday. I need to see things that I don’t necessary agree with so that I can acquire empathy, understanding and knowledge. I had no desire to come across as a Troll.
  7. Another opinion on this Nurse and her "Perspective." https://youtu.be/w4gGxRlzoKI
  8. Toxic Plants for Dogs per Mr. Google Amaryllis. Popular during the spring holidays, this plant can cause vomiting, depression, diarrhea, excessive drooling, and tremors. Azalea. ... Bird of Paradise. ... Daffodil. ... Eucalyptus. ... Hyacinth. ... Hydrangea. ... Iris. Plus many more Sharon experienced language barriers with 3 landscapers thus the request for a local lakeside person with the desired information. Google translate was no help. I did advise her to expect unhelpful, supercilious comments from some. Thanks for the link Ferret.
  9. She did a search for a landscaper. The search results did not reference any with knowledge of which Flora were dog safe.
  10. Hi, Take a video with sound of the driver as he gives you a quote on your cell phone.
  11. I have 2 attractive large wall clocks - about 16" in diameter. Please PM if interested and I'll provide pictures.
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