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  1. I have discussed this company previously with Tom Kessler and others. My interest was in getting fiber into Chula Vista Norte where I serve on the Board. In the end I asked for a series of questions, that would affect service, to be answered. As of now, I do not have those answers. I doubt that getting 300 homes in the Libramiento are (Chula Vista Norte for example) and down into San Antonio would be a problem. Quite simply getting answers would go a long way to getting the subscribers they want/need. I have previously been a technical partner in an ISP and worked as a technical consultant for a large US telecom (XO Communications, since purchased by Verizon). Here are the questions that I feel need answers: Does iLOX have any peering arrangements with large Internet providers?If yes, what bandwidth is the peering interconnect?Who are their upstream providers? Where do they connect to these providers.What is the connection bandwidth?What hardware is used (Infinera, Ciena, Juniper, Cisco, etc.) for these connections?What redundancy is provided for these connections (upstream and/or peering)?Does iLOX have customers that we could speak to directly (individuals and companies)? As an aside there are methods to extend GPON, among them DWDM equipment. Note: At one point or another all Internet services are shared. Interconnect bandwidth and transport in general are critical for service.
  2. It was more than a DNS outage. You could not get through with IP addresses (no domain lookup required) either.
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