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  1. I will be assisting a friend who needs to travel to San Antonio via Volaris for medical services and will need a wheelchair at both airports. He does not have one and cannot walk the distances required. Can anyone give advice to us on how to accomplish this task. Thanks in advance.
  2. Harry, maybe you should stay out of Texas.
  3. Water is supplied by the frac. Current cost is 11.5 pesos per cubic meter which is the commercial rate because the Well is owned by the Golf course which is considered a business. VDL has applied to CONAGUA for a permit to drill a second well which will owned by the frac and may lower the rate to home owner use. A lot like a Sun City. Rules and Regulations. You might stop at the office and ask for a copy of the BY Laws.
  4. I believe that he was a victim of an extortion attempt and decided to leave along with his family for a different area.
  5. I crossed at Colombia on April 4th going into the states. An unusual amount of trucks backed up onto the Highway before you get to Hwy 2. Then a line of trucks about 3 miles long at Colombia. About an extra hour to get past the trucks and then was the only auto and the Boarder agents said that the wait for trucks was about 6 hours. Maybe different now that the threat to close the Boarder has past and the north bound freight has returned to normal?
  6. Does anyone know if Eurofreeze is still coming to AJIJIC for AC Repairs? I still see their sign but haven't seen them open when I have been by their shop. Need phone contact info if possible.
  7. I had a compressor replaced by a repair man in Ajijic that also works on appliances & other items. He was to use a Denso compressor on my 2007 Honda. It failed after less than 2 years.The 2 men at Eurofreeze correctly identified the failed compressor. Upon removal it was not the quality Denso but a cheap China made low quality unit. These men made the necessary parts replacement in one day for a reasonable price and the A/C is working like new now. Honest and Good Quality.
  8. Winston at Lake Chapala Moving. By far the best and very good prices. Check his web site.
  9. Buckle up because you are in for a learning curve. Having been here for 9 years and done a complete rebuild of a older home and now building a new home there are many things you will learn on the fly. Good Luck.
  10. I have purchased gasoline at that station and have questions about the amount delivered thru the pump. It seems their pumps are calibrated in their favor.
  11. My understanding is that the new bazaar will be donating to animal care and spay and neuter clinic. Correct me if I am wrong.
  12. The old volunteers will be starting a new place as soon as possible. The have backing. They were kicked to the street for ? The same charity is Hope House who walked in and fired the manager with no explanation. I think the people there today know more than they are willing to disclose. I was there this morning to pickup my consignment and will support the new Bazar when opened.
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